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                   Today we (K. Jawahar, B.R. Pathak, M.R. Dixit and J.B. Chilgar) met Shri.Manish Pathak CCA. The following issues were discussed.
1. Payment of Arrears of pension to those retired prior to 31/12/2006:-
We conveyed our firm stand that payment of arrears and issue of PPO should not be linked up. 
CCA is of the view that arrears can not be drawn unless the pension amount is verified by DoT pension cell.
We suggested to pay 90% of arrears and to pay the balance 10% periodically as and when PPOs are issued.
CCA said decision should be taken by DoT.
We will pursue the issue with DoT.
2. IT excess recovery issue :- CCA said IT recovered will be refunded in full to all family pensioners regardless of submission of PAN card. For other pensioners, excess recovered IT will be refunded or adjusted depending upon the individual case.
3. Provision of Toll free number :- CCA said it will take some more time to provide this facility.
4. Life certificate :- CCA said Jeevanpraman facility should be promoted by Association.  We welcomed his suggestion but pointed out that to use Jeevanpraman, PPO number and Aadhar card are needed. Out of more than 14000 pensioners, about 2000 pensioners only have PPOs issued by DOT. So the existing procedures also will continue.





The work of printing of combined Directory of members of RTOWA Mumbai and Delhi is in progress. This directory will be released in our AGB on 20/11/2015. Draft list of members has been uploaded in our website rtowambi.in. All friends are requested to verify the correctness of Name, Mobile No. etc. If any correction is needed pl intimate by SMS to Mr. Dixit AGS in his mobile no. 9757104768 before 30/09/2015.

 To View the List of Members please CLICK HERE


                Income Tax has been recovered @20% from pension if copy of PAN Card not given. Self attested copy of PAN Card for self and spouse may be given if not already given.

                Retirees before 01/04/2014 may give these documents to concerned AO MTNL. Retirees after 01/04/2014 should give these documents to DoT Pension cell at Curry Road Telephone Exchange.


                                  RTOWA wishes all the comrades who have retired on 31/08/2015 a HAPPY, HEALTHY and PEACEFUL Retired Life. Work doesn't end here. Your new job is to ensure that you enjoy being retired, with flexible hours and relaxation. Congratulations once again.



 14/08/2015:  HAPPY NEWS :                

Uptil now DOT was not agreeing to pay arrears of Pension. DoT was telling all along that it was the responsibility of MTNL.

Now DOT has agreed that Government will pay the arrears, vide DOT letter dated 10th Aug'2015.

To view the DOT letter please CLICK HERE.



                         Today the office bearers (K. Jawahar, M.R. Dixit, J.B.Chilgar) went to CGHS office Head Quarters at Marine lines, met Office Superintendent and collected information about CGHS jurisdiction, coverage etc. in Mumbai.

                         The farthest dispensary in Central line is at Ambernath, western line is at Kandivili and Harbour line is at Belapur.



The meeting was held at Telephone House today at 2 P.M. Almost all the members attended the meeting.

Shri. S. K. Bhatia Organizing Secretary of RTOWA Delhi also attended the meeting. He briefed about PPO issue at Delhi, perception of Delhi RTOWA about present Medical Scheme and CGHS, printing of directory of members, and holding of next AGB.

The committee decided to hold AGB Meeting of RTOWA Mumbai either on 20th Nov or 21st Nov, depending upon the availability of venue.

Also decided to print directory jointly and to release it in the AGB at Mumbai. Names of Members enrolled up to 30th Sep will be included in the new Directory.

The list will be published in our site soon and members may inform corrections if any to be made in their profile.

Shri. B.R. Pathak GS briefed about the meeting with ED, GM Finance and CCA.

The committee discussed about Corporate office's mulling about withdrawal of present medical facilities and  decided to request MTNL to make CGHS optional.

A letter was issued in this regard. To view the letter please CLICK HERE.

EC appreciated the speech of Shri. Arvind Sawant in Parliament about arrears of pension and 78.2 % DA for revision of Pension w.e.f. 01/01/2007.



                    On behalf of RTOWA, Shri B.R.Pathak G.S., Shri K.Jawahar President, Shri M.R. Dixit AGS and Shri J.B.Chilgar presented a bouquet on his assumption as ED recently. The ED was apprised of the PPO issue and Medical Scheme issue. The team requested the ED to provide adequate manpower and other facilities to CCA Mumbai for PPO work.  

                   Then the above team met Shri A.P. Singh GM(Finance-MTNL) and thanked him for fixing target of forwarding 1000 pension files and Service Books to CCA every month for PPO work. The target for July-2015 has been achieved.

                 Shri Manish Pathak CCA, was met afterwards by the RTOWA team and discussed about PPO issue. The team brought to his notice that MTNL has sent to CCA about 3400 cases out of 4670 cases of retirement upto 31/12/2005. They expressed their disappointment over slow pace of work at CCA office. He said that near about 600 cases were checked up and out of that 198 cases are with errors to be clarified/rectified by MTNL. He said that as the percentage of errors is high, about 30%, it will take considerable time to issue PPOs.  They told him to coordinate with MTNL pension cell continuously and to find out ways to speed up the work. 

              The team pointed out even the 400 cases where PPOs are ready are not distributed.  They requested him to arrange to send the PPOs by post as many pensioners are at outstations. CCA says intimation will be given to the pensioners to come and collect PPO at Currey Road. They firmly differed with him and they said it is harassing the pensioners and they will escalate the issue.They also requested him to put the list of PPOs issued on CCA website. This request will be considered by CCA.

            Then they brought to his notice that in the current year, pensionary benefits have been sanctioned to those retired upto 30/04/2015 only. The work is in arrears for May'15 to July'15. CCA assured that the arrears will be pulled up.

           They pointed out that the Pension for July'15 also not paid on due date. The issue was discussed threadbare. Government payment channel has a limitation, pension in bulk cannot be remitted not earlier than one day.

          CCA took it up seriously and said that he personally ensured remittance of pension for July, on 30th. It will be examined ....why there was delay on the part of banks perhaps banks are using the money as float, which attracts penalty on banks by CCA.

          Then they pointed out recovery of income tax from pension for July, despite giving proof of savings. CCA assured to ensure to rectify all such mistakes.

 They reminded him to provide toll free number.

 CCA said all the cases of refund of withheld gratuity will be settled soon.

 CCA told the team about many practical issues and they assured him to do our best to solve them.

 Then the meeting ended with thanks to CCA.



                       Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials: much to live on and much to live for. RTOWA wishes all the comrades who retire today to have many more and a very very HAPPY, HEALTHY & PEACEFUL retired life.



                        EC Meeting was held on 27/07/2015. The following issues and their latest status were discussed.

1. Delay in issue of PPOs to retirees prior to 31/03/2014:-

GM (Fin-MTNL) Mumbai has fixed up a target of forwarding 1000 cases every month to DOT Pension cell. Delay is observed in DOT Pension Cell. EC decided to meet Jt. CCA next week and to escalate the issue.

2. Arrears of Pension :-

The issue was discussed thoroughly. There was a view that PPO issue and payment of arrears should not be linked up. We have requested Hon. MP Arvind Sawant to take up the issue. We have given him a copy of our letter addressed to DOT and copy of Judgement of Principal CAT Delhi. We are coordinating with RTOWA Delhi to take further steps.

3. CGHS and existing medical facility :-

The issue will be thoroughly studied with all relevant information and discussions will continue in the next meeting.

4. Printing of directory of members :-

EC decided to print a handbook in November-2015, containing all information needed by pensioners and a directory of members enrolled up to 31/10/2015.

The following SMS and whatsapp message was given to Jt. CCA today:-

"Releasing withheld gratuity for about 350 pensioners is pending for more than 10 months. We feel disappointed to note the abnormal delay. RTOWA requests you to ensure payment of all pending cases within a week. – By K.Jawahar, President RTOWA Mumbai."


                 Our Ex-President, the Missile Man, Bharat Rathna Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Left this earthly world today at 7:45 PM. RTOWA pays its HOMAGE to the departed Leader and conveys its deep condolences to his family.

                  This great man with modesty, simple thinking and great living sets a standing example of innovation in the thought process for decades. Abdul Kalam also served as the 11th President of the Country for five years. APJ had massively contributed his knowledge and observations during the nuclear tests of Pokhran – II that were done in the year 1998. Kalam also penned a popular book, India 2020, where he laid foundation for the vision to see a developed India by the year 2020. His thoughts and words of inspirational quotes are very famous among youngsters who dream of reaching heights in life. The student community of India is heavily motivated with Kalam's many speeches and interactions.

                His soul will not rest in peace until it sees India as a developed country at least by 2020. Let us all vow to work in this direction so that his soul may rest in peace on seeing the developed India. Let his fame will live longer.







                         MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.



                         RTOWA team Shri B.R.Pathak GS, Shri M.R.Dixit AGS and J.B.Chilgar Treasurer visited the office of the Honourable M.P. Shri Arvind Sawantji for handing over papers related 78.2% D.A. and pension arrears so that he can take up the issues in Parliament.

                        Then the above team met CAO (Pension-DOT) at Curry Road office and discussed about issue of PPO books. He told 174 cases had been processed and only 50 books been released. Upto the year 2005, total no. of retirement cases are 4667; out of that 2093 cases have been forwarded by MTNL to DOT. 54 cases have been returned by DOT with some objections.

The details of held up gratuity cases are as follows:

1. Total no. of cases                                     = 757

2. Sanction sent by MTNL to DOT            = 603

3. Pending with Area GM office               = 154

4. Total paid cases out of sent by MTNL= 239

5. Fund for DCRG is awaited from Govt. to DOT. So cases may be delayed.

                       New guidelines for issuing strike off order have been issued. Accordingly henceforth strike off order will contain that no vigilance case is pending against the official.

                      Then our above team handed over letter copies of 78.2% DA and pension arrears to ED and GM (Finance-MTNL).

To view the above letters please click the concerned

1. Fixation of Pay with 78.2% DA a) PAGE1 & b) PAGE2

2. Pension Arrears





                                  United Forum, Delhi Meeting With Member                                                    (Finance) DOT.

                 United Forum met Member(Finance) DOT on 06/07/2015 on the issues related to Pension , Preparation of PPO Books and payment of Pension arrears. The delegation includes Shri M.K.Bagchi, Convener U.F, Shri S.S.Nanda, GS RTOWA, Delhi and Shri A.K.Kaushik, GS TEAM.

                Member (Finance) expressed her serious concern about very poor progress of preparation of PPO books. The delegation apprised her of our viewpoints about the reason for poor progress of preparation of PPO books. She informed that the work is going on in this direction by a team with Advisor (Finance) as its head.

Our team gave stress on the prospect of payment of pension arrears. To this , Member(Finance) opined that she needs the details of liabilities towards pension including pension arrears so that the issue of liabilities accrued prior to DOT's taking over of the pension w.e.f. April 2014 can be sought for from the appropriate authority of the Government.  




Mr. Sudhir Dhondopant Kheur, Divisional Engineer retired on 31/07/2009 as DMX - Fountain left for his heavenly abode on 2nd July, 2015 due to severe heart attack. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Sheela and a married son Mr. Nikhil BDS, MS . MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.

             RTOWA conveys our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of Mr. S.D. Kheur.




                                 The CCA has assured to issue 'Income Certificate' for two months pension drawn by CCA during 2014-15 to the pensioners retired prior to 01/04/2014. ( i.e. For January-2015 and February-2015). All members are requested to keep in touch with our website for further information in this regard.




                                  The expected IDA rate with effect from 01/07/2015 is 102.6%. The present IDA rate w.e.f. 01/04/2015 is 100.5%. To view the IDA/CPI information slide please CLICK HERE.




                          RTOWA wishes all those retiring today a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful retired life.

                         Enjoy a rest that is overdue. Take pleasure in the finer things that are awaiting you.



                     Those who have not received SMS intimation of pension drawn may contact the AO (Works) of the Area concerned to input/verify their mobile number in WFMS.





                                 Today Executive Committee Meeting was held. Shri B.R.Pathak GS and Shri Jawahar President briefed about the activities of RTOWA since last meeting. Members stressed that fixation of Pay and Pension with 78.2% of DA on 01/01/2007 and payment of arrears of pension are two top priority issues. The forward path to clinch both these issues was discussed. Medical facillity issue was discussed threadbare.

                       It was decided to demand the following :-

1. To remove the cut of Rs.3000 from OPD eligibility amount.

2. To defreeze the OPD limit and to fix up the limit based on actual/presumptive pay in revised scales on the date of retirement.

3. To remove floater and to have insurance cover of Rs. 5 Lakhs on the lines of arrangement done for working employees.

4. Optional facility to top up the cover on payment of additional premium by the pensioner on exhausting the limit.

                     The office bearers will meet next week to take follow up action.





                             Today in a function organised at Jt. CCA office at Juhu, distribution of DoT PPOs to those retired prior to 01/04/2014 started. The Jt. CCA, officers of DoT Pension Cell, GM (Fin-MTNL) and officers from MTNL Pension Cell were present in the meeting. RTOWA was also invited to the function. The office bearers Shri B.R. Pathak, Shri K.Jawahar, Shri M.R. Dixit and Shri J.B. Chilgar attended the meeting. DoT PPOs were given to 16 pensioners by Jt. CCA.

                       Shri B.R. Pathak our G.S. in his speech thanked the Jt. CCA, GM (Fin-MTNL) and other officers for starting the PPO preparation and distribution work. He requested Jt. CCA to put additional man power and the work should gather momentum. He also thanked Jt. CCA for starting SMS intimation of pension drawn.

                       Shri A.P. Singh GM(Fin-MTNL) in his speech mentioned that the work needs to be completed at least within a year as 11500 cases are involved.

                       Shri Manish Pathak Jt. CCA said in his speech that the work will be completed as early as possible.

                       In informal discussions after the meeting the following information were gathered.

1. Helpline Toll free number will be commissioned soon.

2. Initiatives have been made to ensure payment of pension to all pensioners on due dates every month.

3. Form-16 for those retired after 01/04/2014 will be made ready by DoT Pension Cell within a week.

4. Income Certificate will be issued by DoT for the pension drawn for the months of January-15 and February-15 enabling pensioners to file IT Returns.




                   Today Shri B.R. Pathak, Shri K.Jawahar, Shri M.R.Dixit, J.B. Chilgar and Shri Dafadar met Shri Arvind Sawant M.P. at his Mumbai office. The RTOWA committee requested him to take up the following two issues at higher level.

1) Early payment of arrears of pension and

2) Fixation of Pay and revision of Pension with 78.2% D.A. with effect from 01/01/2007.

                  His response was very much positive.

To view the photo CLICK HERE





                      Today  a function was arranged by Joint CCA, to mark the starting of PPO distribution at his office at Juhu. RTOWA was also invited. Due to heavy rains since last night, all train and bus services have been disrupted. So the function is now postponed.




Mr. SUDHAKAR C. MISHRA, left for his heavenly abode on 16th JUNE 2015. R.T.O.W.A. extends heartfelt Condolence to his family in grief.





AO(PDA) DoT Pension cell at CCA office Curry Road has issued SMS intimation of details of pension drawn for May'2015. We hope this practice will continue. We thank Principal CCA, for accepting our request.

Form-16 for 10 months of 2014-15 is ready for issue by MTNL. Pensioners can collect it from  concerned Area AO.

31/05/2015 :

                           RTOWA wishes all MTNL officers retiring today a HAPPY, HEALTHY and PEACEFUL retired life. 






Today office bearers (K.Jawahar, S.V.Gajam, M.R. Dixit, J.B. Chilgar) met Shri. Peeyush Agrawal ED MTN:L Mumbai. We requeted him the following:-

1.  To provide more staff and additional space to DoT pension cell to speed up PPO preparation work. 2. To request CMD  personally  to allot funds to the extent of 80 lakhs to settle more than 150 floater cases of medical bills pertaining to previous insurance year. 3. To allow RTOWA to participate in the review meetings of medical facilities with TPA and corporate office.

ED agreed to all the above requests and immediately told Admn section to spare some clerks to DoT pension cell.


 After meeting ED, we met Shri.A.P.Singh GM Fin. Some Areas are insisting the pensioners to give declaration in the new format though already given in the old format. We brought to his notice that the new format is required by DoT pension cell in future cases only. He immediately told DGM FMS to issue clear instructions in this regard. We brought to his notice that MTNL has not sent the no due certicate to DoT pension cell for about 50% of cases of with held gratuity. He assured that all cases will be sent by 15th June positively.



The work has been split in to two periods viz., retirees up to 31/12/2005  and retirees from  01/01/2006 to 01/04/2014. There are 4669 retirees in the period up to 31/12/2005. Out of these 4669, MTNL has sent files of 1545 retirees DoTpension cell. PPO have been prepared for more than 100 cases by DoT pension cell. The work will pick up momentum in the coming days.


MTNL has sent about 383 cases to DoT pension cell. This work is pending for more than six months and needs to be completed within 15 days. RTOWA will meet all concerned officers in a few days time to discuss all issues.  




                                  Executive Committee meeting was held today. E.C. congratulated Mr. Dafadar who enrolled 8 new members.

                         Monthly accounts from December-2014 to April-2015 were pesented by the Treasurer Shri Chilkar which were approved by the E.C. unanimously.

                        Shri Badri Pathak, G.S. briefed about the issues discussed with officers of DoT Pension cell at Curry Road and with Joint CCA at Juhu in his meeting with them on 07/05/2015.

                       A resolution was passed requesting DoT for fixation of Pay and pension on 01/01/2007, with 78.2% DA. It was also resolved to take all measures to achieve this legitimate demand. As a first step RTOWA office bearers will meet leaders of all unions and Associations and Shri Arvind Sawant M.P. to urge them to take up this issue vigorously.

                      It was decided to meet Principal CCA next week to request him to solve the following issues :-

1. Prompt Pension payment to all pensioners on due dates,

2. SMS intimation of pension drawal,

3. Provision of toll free number for grievance redressal,

4. To refund withheld gratuity to all concerned pensioners this month itself,

5. To chalk out a time bound plan for issuing PPOs to all those retired before 01/04/2014,

6. Preparation for drawal of arrears of pension.

                     Shri K. Jawahar and Shri M.R. Dixit met DGM (IR) and discussed about the pending reimbursement of floater cases medical bills for hospital treatment. It is gathered that more than 150 cases are pending for last Insurance Year, i.e. Oct'13 to Sep'14, as floater funds not received from Corporate office. A sum of Rs.81 Lakhs is required. we will take up the issue with Corporate Office.



07/05/2015 :

                               Today the RTOWA office bearers headed by Shri Badri Pathak, G.S.  met Mr. Kulkarni, Dy. CCA and requested to speed up the following :

1. Releasing of the withheld gratuity of Rs. One Lakh from pensioners retired from 01/04/2014 to 31/10/2014 at least before the end of this month,

2. Taking all steps to ensure payment of pension to all the pensioners on due dates in future,

3. Issuing PPO to those retired after 01/01/2015, in this month itself and

4. The work of preparation of PPO to those retired before 01/04/2014.

                       All pensioners are requested to give a copy of Aadhar Card to their concerned Area A.O. of MTNL. Those pensioners who had not given declaration and copy of PAN Card earlier should give them now in the new FORMAT.


 30/04/2015 :

                                 RTOWA wishes all MTNL officers retiring today a very very HAPPY, HEALTHY and PEACEFUL retired life. Retirement is a time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it and how you want to do it.

                                          MOVE ON CHEERFULLY.


 18/04/2015 :

                                     The RTOWA Managing committee of Delhi met the Member (F) yesterday and the following items were discussed.

1. Preparation and Printing of PPO Books of all the pensioners who retired before 01/04/2014 : Member (F) informed that the entire process had been expedited and printing of PPO Books had started already.

2. Payment of arrears of pension due to revision of pension : The Member (F) informed that it would take time to start the payment of arrears due to the detailed calculation involved in it. However she clarified that the payment of arrears would be made by DoT only.

                              Today Shri S.S. Nanda, G.S. of RTOWA, Delhi met the CMD and discussed various pension issues with him. The G.S. requested the CMD to expedite the issue of DoT PPOs to the pensioners who retired prior to 01/04/2014 and payment of arrears of pension due to revision. The CMD also assured to resolve all the issues.


17/04/2015 :

                           Dy. CCA Mumbai informed us that the withheld gratuity of those retired after 01/04/2014 will be released by the end of this month.

                           We have written letters to DoT requesting to speed up the PPO work and for payment of arrears of pension. To view the letters click the following Links.

      1. Letter for PPO work 

      2. a) Letter for Arrears Payment PAGE-1

          b) Letter for Arrears Payment PAGE-2


 16/04/2015 :

                    All the members are requested to submit the savings details for the Financial Year 2015-2016 to the undermentioned officer with supported documents on or before 10/06/2015 :

Sr. Accounts Officer,

O/O Pr. CCA (DoT MTNL Pension),

3rd Floor, Curry Road Telephone Exchange Building,

Mumbai - 400012.

                   To view the detailed instructions by the Pr. CCA, please visit the 'MTNL PENSIONER PORTAL' ( http://pensioner.mtnl.in ).



 08/04/2015 :

                                        The office bearers met the previous Principal CCA Shri J.K.Ghai who has retired on 31/03/2015 at 11 AM and greeted with a bouquet. Then the team met the present Principal CCA Shri Manish Pathak and discussed about various problems. He conveyed the following information to our team.

1) About 450 PPOs have been issued so far for those who retired after 31/03/2014.

2) Efforts are on to issue PPOs for the remaining cases before 15th May, 2015.

3) About 630 cases of retirees who have retired prior to 01/04/2014 have been received from MTNL for issue of DOT PPOs.

4) 'No dues certificate' has not been received from MTNL for releasing the 10% Gratuity.

5) Arrears of Pension will not be paid by DOT as the orders for payment of Govt. pension is w.e.f. 01/04/2014 only.

Our team insisted that the Bifurcation of Pension shown in the new PPO as DOT Portion and MTNL Portion may be removed.

                         Then at 2 P.M. the Executive Committee Meeting was held in Telephone House. The above information was conveyed by the General Secretary Shri Pathak to the committee. Various suggestions were given by the members for achieving our demands of 'Getting the DOT PPO issued to all early' and 'Payment of Arrears of Pension'. The GS said that we would devise some strong actions for achieving our demands.

                        Mr. Bhatia of RTOWA Delhi also attended the E.C. Meeting as a special invitee. He explained about the developments in Delhi. DOT PPOs have been issued to all those retired up to 28th, February, 2015 in Delhi. About 500 old cases (Retired before 01/04/2014) have been verified and are ready for the issue of new PPO. He also stressed that some strong action is to be taken if the arrears of pension is to be paid.



                               It has been assured by the CCA that I.T. Calculations presuming every pensioner qualified for 1.5 Laks under 80C, has been done in this month and tax recovered. Before July-2015 proof should be given and actual savings under 80C will be considered. Orders are under issue in this regard. The documents should be given at Curry Road.


 31/03/2015 :

                               RTOWA wishes all those retiring on 31/03/2015 a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful retired life.  A big episode of professional life has ended and a new fresh episode is going to begin in your life from now on.   

                      CHEER UP !


 30/03/2015 :

                                 The CCA has been requested to remit the pension as early as possible so that pension is credited to all the pensioners at least by 6th April.



15/03/2015 :



 13/03/2015 :

                                 The office bearers met the officers of Pension Cell at Curry Road, G.M. ( Finance) at Telephone House and CCA at Juhu on 11/03/2015.

                         Preparation of PPO work is at very slow pace at Curry Road.

                         G.M. (Fin) agreed to issue " No due certificate " very soon for all those retired after 01/04/2014, so that the with held gratuity can be released by DoT Pension Cell. He also agreed that the tax savings information will be accepted by all the Areas before issuing Form - 16 for current year.

                        Mr. Manish Pathak CCA at Juhu office agreed :-

1. To ensure credit of pension to all the retirees on due date,

2. To assign a toll free telephone number for pensioners to interact with the Pension Cell,

3. To resume SMS intimation of remittance of pension,

4. To examine ruling position to issue Form - 16 for two months to the retirees before 31/03/2015.

However the CCA expressed his inability to speed up the work of preparation of PPO. We will take up the issue with Member ( Fin ).

                     DoT has written to CMD on 27/01/2015 to pay arrears of pension to those retired before 01/01/2007 but to adjust the paid amount against future liabilities of MTNL to DoT. It is learnt that CMD has written back to DoT requesting to give funds in advance for payment of arrears as MTNL has no money.

                 A letter also has been written to the Principal CCA for settling various issues. To view the letter please CLICK HERE


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