GB Meeting 2018
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 1. Notice for the Meeting and open session

 2. Annual Report for the period ending 14/11/2018

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 3. Key Note Address Dated 15/11/2018.

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 4. Audited Accounts for the period from 01/04/2017 to 31/03/2018.

     a) Receipt and Payment Account

     b) Income and Expenditure Account

     c) Balance Sheet



Today RTOWA Mumbai's 10th AGB was held.

More than 250 members participated.

Members of Co-ordination Committee from RTOWA Delhi attended GB and Open House. 

Annual report and Audited Accounts were adopted. 

Resolutions to fight for 78.2% and Revision of Pension were passed.

Constitution was amended creating one more post of Vice President, one post of Jt.G.S. and three more posts of Organising Secretaries. 

Sri. A. A. Ardhalkar was nominated as Internal Auditor. Sri. S.R. Patil & Co was re-appointed as Statutory Auditor for the year 2018-19. The house was adjourned after 4 pm for elections.

The house was reconvened at 5 pm after the Open House. Our ex-president Sri. Chincholkar was Election Officer. All office bearers and EC members were elected unanimously. 

President, Vice Presidents, GS, Jt. G.S., AGS, and Treasurer were declared to be members of Co-ordination Committee of RTOWA Mumbai and Delhi.

Open House:

On behalf ED, GM (admin) was Chief Guest. Sri. G. Natarajan Vice President AIBSNL PWA, Sri. M. K. Bagchi, Sri. S. S. Nanda/ Sri. R.K.Mudgal (Leaders of Co-ordination Committee), Sri. A.C.Kumar DGM, members of Co-ordination Committee from RTOWA Delhi, Sri. M.Narender / Sri. K.S. Khadilkar (both from AIBSNL TF Branch), Sri. V.P. Bhardwaj / Sri. A. K. Kapoor (both on behalf Sri. A. K. Kaushik) from Delhi, Sri. S.M. Sawant/Sri.Pawar (both from MPWA), Sri. S.G. Chaube President TEAM, Sri. J. J. Mathias President MEA, Sri. G.P. Yadav CS MEA, were the honourable guests. 

Sri. R.G. Choube compered the session.

After welcome speech by President, Key Note address was delivered by our GS.

All the dignitaries delivered excellent speeches 

covering all the issues such as Revision of Pension, 78.2%, orders on 5%, Medical facilities, FMA etc. The emphasis was on Unity of all Unions and Associations to fight for all common causes. Sri. S.V. Gajam VP gave vote of thanks.

Meeting of Co-Ordination Committee:

After the Open Session, Co- Ordination Committee of RTOWA Mumbai and Delhi was convened. The different views on the approach to the issues were frankly exchanged. It was agreed to strengthen the co-ordination between both the Associations.

The day ended with the happy note of successful sessions of AGB, Open House and Co-ordination Committee.

--K. Jawahar, President RTOWA Mumbai.