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RTOWA Mumbai

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                                             THOUGHT FOR THE DAY

Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go.

 --Natalie Goldberg 


                          Executive Committee meeting was held today. E.C. congratulated Mr. Dafadar who enrolled 8 new members.

                         Monthly accounts from December-2014 to April-2015 were pesented by the Treasurer Shri Chilkar which were approved by the E.C. unanimously.

                        Shri Badri Pathak, G.S. briefed about the issues discussed with officers of DoT Pension cell at Curry Road and with Joint CCA at Juhu in his meeting with them on 07/05/2015.

                       A resolution was passed requesting DoT for fixation of Pay and pension on 01/01/2007, with 78.2% DA. It was also resolved to take all measures to achieve this legitimate demand. As a first step RTOWA office bearers will meet leaders of all unions and Associations and Shri Arvind Sawant M.P. to urge them to take up this issue vigorously.

                      It was decided to meet Principal CCA next week to request him to solve the following issues :-

1. Prompt Pension payment to all pensioners on due dates,

2. SMS intimation of pension drawal,

3. Provision of toll free number for grievance redressal,

4. To refund withheld gratuity to all concerned pensioners this month itself,

5. To chalk out a time bound plan for issuing PPOs to all those retired before 01/04/2014,

6. Preparation for drawal of arrears of pension.

                     Shri K. Jawahar and Shri M.R. Dixit met DGM (IR) and discussed about the pending reimbursement of floater cases medical bills for hospital treatment. It is gathered that more than 150 cases are pending for last Insurance Year, i.e. Oct'13 to Sep'14, as floater funds not received from Corporate office. A sum of Rs.81 Lakhs is required. we will take up the issue with Corporate Office.



07/05/2015 :

                               Today the RTOWA office bearers headed by Shri Badri Pathak, G.S.  met Mr. Kulkarni, Dy. CCA and requested to speed up the following :

1. Releasing of the withheld gratuity of Rs. One Lakh from pensioners retired from 01/04/2014 to 31/10/2014 at least before the end of this month,

2. Taking all steps to ensure payment of pension to all the pensioners on due dates in future,

3. Issuing PPO to those retired after 01/01/2015, in this month itself and

4. The work of preparation of PPO to those retired before 01/04/2014.

                       All pensioners are requested to give a copy of Aadhar Card to their concerned Area A.O. of MTNL. Those pensioners who had not given declaration and copy of PAN Card earlier should give them now in the new FORMAT.


 30/04/2015 :

                                 RTOWA wishes all MTNL officers retiring today a very very HAPPY, HEALTHY and PEACEFUL retired life. Retirement is a time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it and how you want to do it.

                                          MOVE ON CHEERFULLY.


 18/04/2015 :

                                     The RTOWA Managing committee of Delhi met the Member (F) yesterday and the following items were discussed.

1. Preparation and Printing of PPO Books of all the pensioners who retired before 01/04/2014 : Member (F) informed that the entire process had been expedited and printing of PPO Books had started already.

2. Payment of arrears of pension due to revision of pension : The Member (F) informed that it would take time to start the payment of arrears due to the detailed calculation involved in it. However she clarified that the payment of arrears would be made by DoT only.

                              Today Shri S.S. Nanda, G.S. of RTOWA, Delhi met the CMD and discussed various pension issues with him. The G.S. requested the CMD to expedite the issue of DoT PPOs to the pensioners who retired prior to 01/04/2014 and payment of arrears of pension due to revision. The CMD also assured to resolve all the issues.


17/04/2015 :

                           Dy. CCA Mumbai informed us that the withheld gratuity of those retired after 01/04/2014 will be released by the end of this month.

                           We have written letters to DoT requesting to speed up the PPO work and for payment of arrears of pension. To view the letters click the following Links.

      1. Letter for PPO work 

      2. a) Letter for Arrears Payment PAGE-1

          b) Letter for Arrears Payment PAGE-2


 16/04/2015 :

                    All the members are requested to submit the savings details for the Financial Year 2015-2016 to the undermentioned officer with supported documents on or before 10/06/2015 :

Sr. Accounts Officer,

O/O Pr. CCA (DoT MTNL Pension),

3rd Floor, Curry Road Telephone Exchange Building,

Mumbai - 400012.

                   To view the detailed instructions by the Pr. CCA, please visit the 'MTNL PENSIONER PORTAL' ( http://pensioner.mtnl.in ).


 15/04/2015 :


14/04/2015 :


 08/04/2015 :

                                        The office bearers met the previous Principal CCA Shri J.K.Ghai who has retired on 31/03/2015 at 11 AM and greeted with a bouquet. Then the team met the present Principal CCA Shri Manish Pathak and discussed about various problems. He conveyed the following information to our team.

1) About 450 PPOs have been issued so far for those who retired after 31/03/2014.

2) Efforts are on to issue PPOs for the remaining cases before 15th May, 2015.

3) About 630 cases of retirees who have retired prior to 01/04/2014 have been received from MTNL for issue of DOT PPOs.

4) 'No dues certificate' has not been received from MTNL for releasing the 10% Gratuity.

5) Arrears of Pension will not be paid by DOT as the orders for payment of Govt. pension is w.e.f. 01/04/2014 only.

Our team insisted that the Bifurcation of Pension shown in the new PPO as DOT Portion and MTNL Portion may be removed.

                         Then at 2 P.M. the Executive Committee Meeting was held in Telephone House. The above information was conveyed by the General Secretary Shri Pathak to the committee. Various suggestions were given by the members for achieving our demands of 'Getting the DOT PPO issued to all early' and 'Payment of Arrears of Pension'. The GS said that we would devise some strong actions for achieving our demands.

                        Mr. Bhatia of RTOWA Delhi also attended the E.C. Meeting as a special invitee. He explained about the developments in Delhi. DOT PPOs have been issued to all those retired up to 28th, February, 2015 in Delhi. About 500 old cases (Retired before 01/04/2014) have been verified and are ready for the issue of new PPO. He also stressed that some strong action is to be taken if the arrears of pension is to be paid.



                               It has been assured by the CCA that I.T. Calculations presuming every pensioner qualified for 1.5 Laks under 80C, has been done in this month and tax recovered. Before July-2015 proof should be given and actual savings under 80C will be considered. Orders are under issue in this regard. The documents should be given at Curry Road.


 31/03/2015 :

                               RTOWA wishes all those retiring on 31/03/2015 a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful retired life.  A big episode of professional life has ended and a new fresh episode is going to begin in your life from now on.   

                      CHEER UP !


 30/03/2015 :

                                 The CCA has been requested to remit the pension as early as possible so that pension is credited to all the pensioners at least by 6th April.


 20/03/2015 :


15/03/2015 :



 13/03/2015 :

                                 The office bearers met the officers of Pension Cell at Curry Road, G.M. ( Finance) at Telephone House and CCA at Juhu on 11/03/2015.

                         Preparation of PPO work is at very slow pace at Curry Road.

                         G.M. (Fin) agreed to issue " No due certificate " very soon for all those retired after 01/04/2014, so that the with held gratuity can be released by DoT Pension Cell. He also agreed that the tax savings information will be accepted by all the Areas before issuing Form - 16 for current year.

                        Mr. Manish Pathak CCA at Juhu office agreed :-

1. To ensure credit of pension to all the retirees on due date,

2. To assign a toll free telephone number for pensioners to interact with the Pension Cell,

3. To resume SMS intimation of remittance of pension,

4. To examine ruling position to issue Form - 16 for two months to the retirees before 31/03/2015.

However the CCA expressed his inability to speed up the work of preparation of PPO. We will take up the issue with Member ( Fin ).

                     DoT has written to CMD on 27/01/2015 to pay arrears of pension to those retired before 01/01/2007 but to adjust the paid amount against future liabilities of MTNL to DoT. It is learnt that CMD has written back to DoT requesting to give funds in advance for payment of arrears as MTNL has no money.

                 A letter also has been written to the Principal CCA for settling various issues. To view the letter please CLICK HERE


 05/03/2015 :


 04/03/2015 :


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