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RTOWA Mumbai

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29/08/2014 :



 27/08/2014 :- Todays Message :

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

                              -- Thomas A. Edison.

06/08/2014 :- In the evening we came to know that Pension is being released. Credits will be by 08/08/014 positively. We are continuously in touch with officers as well as Delhi Unit. We will ensure that the pension payment is taken over by DoT as early as possible.


06/08/2014 :-  To day we issued the same email to Ministers and others with the caption "REMINDER-1"  We are considering launching of some agitation from Monday onwards if payment is not made by that time.                                                                                                    

05/08/2014 :- Today we issued letter to Hon'ble Minister for C & IT Shri.Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble Minister for Pensioners Welfare Dr. Jitendra Singh thro email. The copy of the email was sent to Secretary DoT, Member (Fin) DoT, Member Services DoT, and to CMD MTNL. The text of the mail is as under:-

Respected Sir,                                                            

We, the pensioners, retired from Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited submit the following grievances :-

Our pension is payable by Central Government i.e., Department of Telecom as per the amended Rule 37A of CCS Pension Rules. However the work has not been taken over by DoT so far. During this long transition period the pension is paid by MTNL and some portion of the payment is reimbursed by DoT based on liability sharing arrangement.  

The MTNL and DoT are at loggerheads regarding this temporary arrangement. Consequently the pensioners are harassed by undue delay in payment of pension. For instance :- 

1.Our pension for the month of July’2014 has not been paid till date. More than 11000 pensioners in Mumbai are facing severe financial strains. Many pensioners are forced to take loans for subsistence.

2..Moreover those who retired from April ‘2014 onwards have not been paid any pensionary benefits such as gratuity, commutation and pension

 Sir, we request your personal intervention for immediate redressal . We request you to insist DoT to take over the pension payment work immediately.

Sir, the pension payment is the responsibility of the Government and we hope that the Government will fulfill  its responsibility of timely payment of pension.

With high regards,

Yours  faithfully,

Badri R. Pathak

General Secretary



9869207950; 9969596106


04/08/2014 :- There is no indication of payment of pension. Today our GS Com. B.R. Pathak alongwith other office bearers met ED Mumbai and requested to do his best for payment of pension. Also met Mr.Ghai CGM (Fin), DoT. We requested him 1) to do the needful for immediate payment of pension for July'2014.  2) to take over the pension payment work as early as possible. 3) to pay the pensionary benefits of those who retired from Apr'2014 onwards. He said that the pension payment for July will be made by MTNL soon. He also said that pension will be paid by   DoT directly for those retired from Apr'2014 onwards within a fortnight after the software is ready. Pension payment by DoT for the pensioners retired prior to Apr'2014 will take some time. We are in constant touch with our Delhi Unit.     

 01/08/2014 :- We are in close contact with DGM(Fin) as well as Com. Nandaji regarding non credit of pension. It is ascertained that there are some Funds issues between MTNL and DoT and CMD assured to release pension on 04/08/2014, Monday.


Today monthly Executive Committee Meeting was held at Telephone House. Sh.R.A.Rajapure Chairman presided over the meeting. Arrear payments issue and Medical facility issue were discussed. The following members were co-opted to EC to fill up the vacancies and for effective functioning of Association.


1. P.Subramanian                      9869225700

2. M.R. Pal                                   9869468281

3. B.B. Lal                                     9869022425

4. R.G. Shet                                  9757437688

After the meeting the office bearers met DGM (Fin) incharge of Pension. Ascertained about the funds placement by Corporate Office in time for prompt payment of pension. Requested to revamp the procedures to settle pensionary benefits within a month of retirement. The PPOs for the new retirees will be issued by DoT pension cell which is  yet to be formed.    






 Today the same group of office bearers of Delhi and Mumbai met CMD MTNL at Corporate Office. We discussed all the issues including the time bound promotion to the VRS retirees wef. 01/10/2004. He assured to consider all the issues. We made a specific request that MTNL should release the arrears on recalculation of pension for those retired between 01/01/2006 and 31/12/006, instead of waiting for DoT,  as the amount involved will be small. He assured that this will be activelty considered.

 Then we had a meeting with Dr. Adhish Labru, Director of Med Save Health care (TPA) and brought to his notice the difficulties and delay experienced by the Mumbai pensioners in getting the reimbursement of indoor treatment. He assured that the admitted amount will henceforth be remitted directly to the bank account of the pensioners instead of sending cheque.  



Then we attended the E.C. meeting of RTOWA Delhi followed by the meeting of Co_Ordination Committee of RTOWA MTNL Mumbai and Delhi. The issues that are to be pursued vigorously were discussed. Mr..S.V. Gajam Acting President of RTOWA Mumbai was co-opted as Chairman of Co-Ordination Committee in the absence of Mr. R.A. Rajapure President of RTOWA Mumbai due to his illness. Three additional members from RTOWA Mumbai viz., Mr. V.K. Bhatia, Mr.J.B.Chilgar and Mr.A.K. Gangobadhyay were nominated to the Co-Ordination Committee.  




 We went to Delhi to meet CMD, Director (HR) and Director (Fin) and to attend Co-ordination Committee Meeting. To day we (Mr. B.R. Pathak G.S., Mr. M.R. Dixit  AGS and Mr. S.V. Gajam Acting President) along with the office bearers of RTOWA Delhi viz., Mr. S.S. Nanda G.S., Mr.M.K.Bagchi President and some EC members met Mr.P.R.Purwar Director (Fin) at Corporate Office Delhi  We discussed the following issues with him.



 1. Payment of pension from DOT :- Director (Fin) told us that the work of issue of fresh PPO by DOT has started. Heavy work load is involved. Arrangemens to expedite the work are under consideration. We brought to his notice that the Delhi Unit has called for some forms for issue of fresh PPO but Mumbai unit has not done. He said that instructions for uniform procedure will be issued by corporate office.

 2. Payment of arrears :- We have to get arrears on revision of pension for all those retired before 01/01/2007. We have also to get arrears on recalculation of pension for those who retired between 01/01/2006 to 31/12/2006. We requested payment of arrears in one lump sum instead of in instalments. Dir (Fin) told us that the priority now is to get the new PPO issued by DOT and to start pension payment from DoT. Payment of arrears will follow then. As heavy work load is involved in the process of issue of PPO by DOT it seems it may take some more time. 



 3. Delay in settlement of retirement benefits of those retire every month:- He assured that the back log is getting cleared and all the retirement benefits will be settled within a month of retirement henceforth. 

 Then we met Mr. Deepak Chanduka G.M.(HR)and discussed Extension of CGHS facility to pensioners. He said that the issue has been taken up by Corporate Office. If Government accepts the proposal an option will be given to pensioners to avail either CGHS facility or MTNL Medical scheme. 

  Then We met Mr.Saxena Jt.G.M.(HR).  We requested him that RTOWA Mumbai also should be invited to participate in the review meeting of Corporate Office with the TPAs regarding settlement of claims of i:-ndoor treatment. He agreed to our request.









Today a grand felicitation function was held at CETTM Conference Hall to felicitate Hon'ble MInister Kapilji Sibal. It was a grand gathering of more than 500 employees organised at a very short notice. Sh.J.S.Yadav welcomed the dignitories. He expressed happiness and conveyed to the Minister the gratitude of more than 68000 families of MTNL employees and pensioners on solving the pension issue. Sh.A.K.Kaushikji in his speech thanked the Minister and Congress Government for his active role in solving the issue. Sh.A.K.Kaushikji requested for the merger of BSNL and MTNL as early as possible. Sh.Bhai Jagtap, MLC and the Chairman of United Forum in his speech regretted for the postponement of the felicitation function twice due to compelling assignments of the Ministers. He praised Sh.Kapilji Sibal for his Krantikari Nirnay. He also thanked the Minister that the 68000 families of MTNL employees and pensioners will ever be grateful to the Minister.

Hon'ble Minister Sh.Kapilji Sibal in his speech said that he is very happy to see the smiles of the people around him on solving the pension issue and expressed satisfaction that he could do justice. He said that there should be no more felicitation programme. tHe also said that he will continue to support our cause irrespective of whether he is elected back or not, as a parliamentarian and/or advocate. As an advocate he will take up any of our future issue free of cost. He appealed to all  to continue to engage in Nation building activities and ensure faster economic growth of our Nation. He also said that in-principle decision of merger of BSNL and MTNL will be taken in the ensuing Cabinet Meeting. Felicitation programme ended with a happy note. 

26/02/2014 :

"On 25/2/2014,Gen.Secretary,Asst.Gen.Sscretary and Member E.C.of RTOWA met C.M.D. and submitted the letter to him.They explained the whole issue to him and inturn he wrote some remark on it and took the letter with him with the assurance that it will definitely be considered and necessary orders will be issued. Click here for letter.

PENSION ISSUE :- Amendment to Rule 37 A and Gazette Notification of the Amendment are likely to be issued within a week. After issue of the notification, DoT and Corporate Office will issue necessary instructions for issue of Government PPO. 

The issue of Payment of arrears on revision of pension has been taken up by RTOWA. 

25/02/2014 :

A grand felicitation function to felicitate Hon'ble Ministers, MTNL Management and the Leaders who had solved the Pension Issue was held at Telephone House Dadar today. United Forum MTNL Mumbai had made excellent arrangements. Our Association is an important constituent of United Forum and our members participated in large number. More than 2000 employees and pensioners participated in the event.

Shri.J.S.Yadav C.S. TEAM and Working President of UF MUmbai welcomed the dignitories. Sh.Devkar Convenor of UF gave a brief account of the strenous steps taken by the ministers, management and leaders to solve the Pension Issue. Hon'ble Minister Shri.Milindji Deora and Shri. Bhai Jagtap MLC / Chairman of UF Mumbai and Delhi who are the main architects to achieve the solution to Pension issue were felicitated. Shri. A.K.Kaushikji G.S. TEAM Delhi and Shri.R.A.Rajapure President RTOWA Mumbai who had took the strategic decision of approaching Shri.Bhai Jagtap MLC a couple of years back and continuously pursued the issue with him and the Hon'ble Ministers were also felicitated. Sh.A.K.Garg CMD MTNL was also felicitated. 

The United Forum Mumbai recorded its infinite gratitude to Hon'ble Ministers Sh.Kapil Sibalji and Sh.Milindji Deora and Sh.Bhai Jagtap MLC for giving a great feeling of relief and security to all the pensioners / employees of MTNL and to their families by solving the Pension Issue. 

Sh.Milindji Deora in his speech mentioned that Sh.Kapil Sibalji could not attend due to pre-occupations. He also said that the merger of MTNL and BSNL will take place soon to reap synergies in operations, to optimise the use of resources and to be a tough competitor to the private telecom companies. The felicitation function ended with vote of thanks.   

15/01/2014Executive Committee Meeting of our Association was held at Telephone House. Members expressed their happiness in achieving the Pension Issue. It was resolved to hold Victory Celebrations and to felicitate the leaders who have contributed to this achievement jointly with TEAM, Workers Union and other constituents of United Forum. The Executive Committee identified the following issues to be pursued vigorously.

  1. To exert pressure on the Management to release all the pensionary benefits of employees retired up to 31/12/2013 immediately.
  2. Payment of arrears of pension due to revision of pension from 01/01/2007 in one lump sum.
  3. Payment of arrears of pension due to recalculation of pension on 01/01/2006 in one lump.
  4. Actively participate in any agitation that may be launched by Working employees Associations for fixation of pay and revision of pension on 01/01/2007 with 78.2 % of DA.
  5. To improve the functioning of Medical insurance scheme.
  6. Decided to hold Co-Ordination Committee Meeting by the end of Feb'2014 at Delhi.
  7. MedSave TPA was asked to speed up the process of issue of Insurance Cards for the current period. It is learnt that the issue of cards is pending since Dec'2013. Those who have not received the cards are requested to ensure that the application forms were sent by their Administrative section to TPA.

10/01/2014IDA RATE INCREASED WITH EFFECT FROM 01/01/2014. The IDA rate has been increased from 85.5% to 90.5% with effect from 01/01/2014.



Today the proposal sent by DoT for payment of pension to MTNL pensioners by Government has been approved by Central Cabinet without any technical hitch.

On 26/12/2013, though the proposal was taken up by the Cabinet, the formal approval could not be given due to unexpected reasons.

We are awaiting further details and will be closely pursuing the issue for fast implementation.


The issue took many twists and turns during the last few years such as parity of pay scales, proposal for two different Trusts, proposal for Single Government Trust, Government Trust with additional safeguards etc., During these flow of events the views of the leaders might have differed at some points. However the focus of every one was to solve the issue in a best possible way.

Employees and Pensioners of MTNL, all the Unions and Associations have jointly as well as individually have fought for this issue. Agitations were continuously done under the banner of United Forum Mumbai and Delhi comprising of all Unions and Associations.

RTOWA was leading the agitations. Com.M.K.Bagchi Chairman RTOWA Delhi and Convenor of United Forum Delhi led the agitation in Delhi. Com R.A. Rajapure Chairman RTOWA Mumbai and Convenor of United Forum Mumbai led the agitations in Mumbai.

Shri.Bhai Jagtap MLC, and Chairman of United Forum Delhi and Mumbai effectively pursued the issue with Shri Gurudas Kamatji the then Minister, Hon'ble Minister Milind Deoraji, Hon'ble Minister Kapil Sibalji, Hon'ble Chief Minister Prithviraj Chauhanji who was previously Minister incharge for PMO and Department of Pension. We record our thanks to all these ministers and leaders.

Lobbying with the political leaders were effectively done by Shri.R.A.Rajapureji RTOWA Mumbai, Com.A.K.Kaushikji TEAM Delhi, Com.V.K. Tomarji MEA Delhi,

The above list is not an exhaustive one. Almost all the office bearers of constituent Unions and Associations of United Forum Mumbai and Delhi have contributed in this grand success. We record our thanks to every one of them.

MTNL Management stood with us and the contributions of CMD MTNL, Director (Fin) and Director (HR) MTNL are significant in pleading the case. We record our thanks to them.


26th Dec'13 : Cabinet has approved Pension on par with BSNL. Rule 37A will be amended. Great achievment of United Forum. We thank Governement and all the Leaders.


The Co-ordination Committee meeting of RTOWA Delhi and RTOWA Mumbai was held at 03.30 pm at Chhabildas High School hall Dadar. Shri.S.S. Nanda Convenor briefed about the issues that are taken up by the RTOWA. The Co-ordination Committee strengthens him in effective handling of the issues. It was decided to print the Directory of members of RTOWA Delhi and RTOWA Mumbai early.


The fifth Annual General Body meeting of our Association was held at Chhabildas high school hall Dadar. More than 200 members attended the meeting. The meeting started at about 04.15 pm. As our President Shri.R.A. Rajapure is unwell, Shri.S.V.Gajam, Vice President presided over the meeting and welcomed the members and special invitees. Shri.S.S. Nanda General Secretary RTOWA Delhi, Shri.P.S. Bhayana Treasurer RTOWA Delhi and Shri.R,K,Mudgal EC Member RTOWA Delhi participated in the meeting. Annual report and Accounts were adopted. Our G.S. Shri.Badri R.Pathak, and Shri. K. Jawahar elaboratd on the leading role of RTOWA in the pension struggle. The General Body recorded its appreciation of the relentless hard work of our President Shri.R.A. Rajapure in the pension struggle. Shri.S.S. Nanda gave a detailed account of important issues such as present status of the pension issue, Arrears of pension, health care facility etc., in his speech. Despite not keeping well, our President Shri.R.A.Rajapure took pains to come to the meeting to see all the members and to say a few words. Members cheered him and wished him to get well soon. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Shri. M.B. Biradhar Internal Auditor.


The open house started at about 06.45 pm. Chief guest Shri. A.K. Kaushik General Secretary of TEAM, Shri.S.S.Nanda GS RTOWA Delhi, Shri.P.S.Bhayana and Shri.R.K. Mudgal office bearers of RTOWA Delhi, Shri. J.S.Yadav CS TEAM Mumbai, Shri.Haragabal President TEAM Mumbai, Shri.Pawar Asst.General Seretary of Central Government pensioners Association, Mrs.Neeta Aspat Dy.G.M. (GSM –Sales) MTNL Mumbai, Representatives from Med Save TPA and Shri. N.Chandrasekaran Advisor RTOWA were given warm welcome with bouquet.

Shri.A.K. Kaushikji who retired on 30/09/2013 was felicitated with shawl by Shri.Chincholkar, our ex-President and Shri.Badri R.Pathak. In recognition of Shri.A.K.Kaushikji's selfless services to the MTNL employees and Pensioners a memento was presented to him. Shri.Badri Pathak, Shri.K. Jawahar, Shri.S.S. Nanda, Shri.N.Chandrasekaran, and Shri. J.S,.Yadav lauded the leadership of clear vision and iron will of Shri.A.K. Kaushikji in getting adhoc payment of Rs.3000 pm prior to absorption, 30% fixation of pay and stoutly opposing the pension Trust.

Shri. A.K. Kaushikji in his thanks giving speech stressed the unity and said that the achievements were possible due to united struggle. He stressed that the issues of the pensioners need to be taken up still more effectively.

Smt.Neeta Aspat DGM (GSM-Sales) narrated about MTNL scheme for pensioners for distributorship . An appeal was given by TPA to submit fresh form for issue of identity card to avail the benefits of Health insurance scheme. Shri.Khan had done the compering. Shri.M.B. Biradhar gave of thanks.



06/11/2013 :- All the retired officers are invited to attend the Annual General Body Meeting of our Association on 08/11/2013 at 03.45 pm. Venue :- Chhabildas High School Hall Near Railway station Dadar West. Open House will follow at 6.00 pm. Director (HR), ED Mumbai, office bearers of other Associations will address the Open House. Shri. A.K. Kaushikji General Secretary of TEAM who had retired on 30/09/2013 will be felicitated



29/10/2013 : Meeting with Hon’ble Minister Shri. Kapil Sibalji :- Our Convenor of Co-Ordination Committee of RTOWA Mumbai and Delhi Shri. S.S. Nanda was part of a delegation led by Shri.V.K. Tomar G.S. MEA to Minister. in his address to the delegation the Minister said that he will sign the cabinet note on pension and revival package of MTNL / BSNL and will see that the note is approved by the cabinet. “

15/10/2013Today our EC meeting was held at Telephone House at Prabhadevi. The following decisions were taken.

  1. It was decided to hold the Annual General Body meeting on 08/11/2013 at Chhabildas High School Hall at Dadar West at 4 pm and to hold Open House at 6.30 pm.
  2. It was decided to felicitate Shri.A.K.Kaushikji, a veteran leader, who retired on superannuation on 30/09/2013.
  3. GS informed the EC that due to the continuous pursuit of RTOWA, the revised pension calculation sheets have been printed by the pension section and will be attached to the Pension Book of the retired officers by next month. Retired employees whose pension has been revised may approach their Accounts officers with PPO to get the calculation sheet pasted in the PPO.

03/10/2013 : EXTENSION OF INDOOR MEDICAL SCHEME : Retired employees medical scheme extended for one year from 01/10/2013 to 30/09/2014. ALL THE RETIREES SHOULD FILL UP THE PRESCRIBED FORM AGAIN WITHIN A MONTH AND SUBMIT TO RESPECTIVE ADMINISTRATION SECTION. Click here for orders.


Com. A.K. Kaushikji retired today on superannuation.

He has led many agitations successfully during his entire career right from JETA era to TEAM, UNITED FORUM era. He deserves full credit for his clear vision, strong will, and unwavering approach for getting the pay scale revision with 30% fixation benefit wef 01/01/2007.

He has led the agitation for pension issue as a very valuable and strong leader of the United Forum.

RTOWA wishes him and his family a happy and long relaxed life with excellent health and prosperity.

01/10/2013 : The IDA rate is due for increase by 6.6 % with effect from 01/10/2013. After this increase the IDA rate will be 85.5%

26/09/2013 : DOT has prepared cabinet note on pension issue based on the recommendations of Group Of Ministers and sent to cabinet for approval.

26/08/2013 :CONCESSION ON BROAD BAND CONNECTIONS : Corporate Office has issued orders for rebate of 30% or Rs.200/- whichever is higher in all regular broadband plans to all new and existing connections of serving and retired employees of MTNL with effect from 15/06/2013. Pl. click here for orders.

26/08/2013 :Today all Associations and Unions of MTNL Mumbai signed the consent letter. Our Association RTOWA Mumbai also signed the consent letter. The signatories from our Association are Shri. S.V. Gajam Vice President and Shri. M.R.Dixit Asst. General Secretary. It seems the majority Union MTNL Mumbai has not signed the consent.

23/08/2013 :SIGNING OF CONSENT LETTER :Today all the Associations and Unions of MTNL Delhi including RTOWA Delhi signed the consent letter agreeing in principle, for restricting the Government's liability for pension to the equivalent pay scales in BSNL. The substantive portion of the consent letter is as follows:-

"The liability of Government towards pensionary benefits of absorbed employees of MTNL may be restricted to the equivalent scales of similarly placed employees of BSNL. In case MTNL decides to pay pensionary benefits on the basis of pay scales in MTNL , the liability arising from the same will be born by MTNL"


07/08/2013 : GOOD NEWS FROM PRINT MEDIA.............

  1. Group of ministers considering debt waiver for BSNL, MTNL: A group of ministers in charge of reviving state-run telecom companies Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (MTNL) is considering taking over their entire debt and also waive off their license fees and spectrum charges for three financial years, according to an internal telecom department document. A news from Economic Times. Please click here to view the news.
  2. BSNL, MTNL revival: GoM proposes refund of BWA spectrum fees. The Group of Ministers (GoM) looking into a revival strategy for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) has proposed three ways for the government to refund the broadband wireless access (BWA) fee to the state-owned telecom operators after they surrender the spectrum. A news from Business Standard. Please click here to view the news.
  3. DoT’s swap offer: MTNL/BSNL’s debt for their broadband spectrum.The Department of Telecom has offered to take over the debt of Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd in return for their surrendering broadband spectrum.
While MTNL has a debt of around Rs 8,400 crore, BSNL has taken loans of Rs 2,500 crore. The DoT has proposed this to the Empowered Group of Ministers so as to save the Government from paying cash immediately to the two public sector undertaking. A news from Business line. Please click here to view the news.

03/08/2013 : GS writes to Secretary DOT regarding pay scale parity between MTNL and BSNL employees. Please click here for the copy of letter.

02/08/2013 : GoM on state-run telcos discuss pension issue of MTNL staff: A Group of Ministers looking at ways to revive state-run telecom companies today discussed about the pension liabilities of MTNL and decided upon the broad contours of the issue. A news from Economic Times. Please click here to view the news.

02/08/2013 : MTNL gets Rs 623 crore in tax refund
IT Dept has issued a refund order to MTNL in the case of MTNL Subscriber Deposit for the Assessment Year 2006-07. A news from Business Standard. Please click here to view the news.

01/08/2013 : On the Right path............
MTNL Pension Issue as discussed and decided in the meeting of Group of Ministers (GOM) on 01-08-2013
{On the basis of available reports}
The MTNL Pension issue is reportedly discussed in the meeting of GOM held on 01/08/2013. under the chairmanship of Sh. P.Chidambaram Hon'ble minister (Finance). The decisions taken in the meeting are reportedly as follows:
"a) The Pay scale parity between MTNL employees and BSNL employees will be made in the next wage commission expected to be in session in 2017 subject to the condition that MTNL employees agree to such provision.
b) During the intervening period i.e. till pay scale parity done in 2017 ,the pension of the absorbed employees in MTNL will be paid by DOT and the expenditure will be borne both by DOT and MTNL on the basis of (X+I) formula."
'X= Pension liability of MTNL employees as if their pay scale is equal to BSNL employees. This will be borne by DOT.
I= Pension liability accrued on the basis of present difference of pay between MTNL and BSNL employees. It will be borne by MTNL.'

21/06/2013 :Shri.Sunil Kumar has assumed charge as Director (HR) Corporate Office MTNL  today. We welcome him wish him success in his new assignment.

10/06/2013:BSNL issued orders for recalculation of revision of pay with effect from 01/01/2007 taking in to account of 78.2% of DA, giving the full benefit of 50% merger of DA.  However the arrears will not be paid. The effective date for the benefit will be 10/06/2013. In the revision of pay as well as pension, 68.8% of DA has already been taken into account.

05/06/2013 :The office bearers met Shri. P.K. Purwar  the new Director (Fin) at Corporate Office and welcomed his assumption as Dir(Fin). We wished him to succeed in his new assignment. We apprised him of the pension issue and medical insurance issues.

03/06/2013 :A grand farewell function was organized today at CTO Hall Eastern Court Delhi, by Co-Ordination Committee of RTOWA Mumbai and Delhi to facilitate Mrs. Anita Soni  Director (Fin) Corporate office MTNL retired on 31/05/2013. The function was well attended. Twelve members  from RTOWA Mumbai also joined the function. A memorable momento was presented to the honourable guest. Shri. Badri Pathak, Shri. R.A. Rajapure, and Shri.K. Jawahar from Mumbai spoke on the occasion expressing  our gratitude to Madam recognizing her role in implementation of revision of pension and her ever empathetic attitude to the pensioners.

29/05/2013 :- We met ED Mumbai and requested him to restore the STD facility to the concessional telephones of Retired Officers. ED’s response was earnest and positive. 

We met G.M. (Fin) and thanked him for his quick response in issuing the orders regarding issue of Income Tax Deduction Certificate regarding leave encashment.

We met DGM (Fin) in charge of Pension Cell and requested him for arranging for insertion of authenticated “Revised Pension Calculation Sheet” in the PPO book. He positively responded and said that the work has been taken up.

22/05/2013:- United Forum Mumbai submitted a letter to Assistant Labour Commissioner Mumbai giving point to point reply on the written submissions of DoT / MTNL, reiterating our stand on the pension issue. The Conciliation Officer and the ALC accepted the written submissions of United Forum and DoT. The next proceedings have been fixed on 18/06/2013. Click here for UF letter.

21/05/2013:- DoT in its letter dated 21/05/2013 to the CCA Mumbai has indicated in brief the present status of the pension issue for submission in the conciliation proceedings before Assistant Labour Commissioner. Status report as indicated in the said letter is as under:-

“The draft Cabinet Note for formation of a single trust to Group-A to D employees duly finalized in consultation with IFD of DoT has been submitted to Hon’ble MoC & IT and after approval it will be circulated to the nodal Ministries / Departments for seeking their comments before submitting the final Cabinet to the Cabinet.”

18/05/2013:-United Forum Mumbai sent letter to Ministers, DoT, and CMD regarding pension issue. We oppose the formation of the Trust as it is financially not viable in its present terms. We demand that Rule 37 A should be properly amended to include MTNL on par with BSNL regarding pension payment. Click here to see the letter

08/11/2012 : RTOWA Mumbai staged one day Dharna in Mumbai as a protest against non payment of pension for the month of Oct, 2012 till 8th oct, 2012 and delayed payment of pension due to September, 2012 on 4.10.2012. Nearly 100 members partipated in the Dharna. All Associations and Unions in Mumbai also supported during the Dharna.

Click here for more pictures.

11/10/2012 :Our 3rd Annual General Body Meeting was held at Vanmali Hall Dadar. The meeting started at 15.45 hrs. More than 225 members attended.Shri.M.K.Bagchi President RTOWA Delhi and Shri.S.S. Nanda General Secretary RTOWA Delhi gave informative speech on Pension Issue and other issues such as Medical Insurance. Our General Secretrary made an appeal to all the members to enroll atleast one new member by every one of them. He also made an appeal for liberal donations of atleast half the amount of monthly increase in pension due to revision of pension. The following resolutions were passed.

  1. RTOWA records its whole hearted gratitude to MTNL Management for orders on Revision of Pension.
  2. RTOWA is disappointed and shocked over the cut of Rs.3000/- in the entitlement of OPD reimbursement for the purpose of payment of premium towards Medical Insurance. It was unanimously resolved to request the MTNL management to withdraw these orders.
  3. It was unanimously resolved to appeal to the MTNL Management to delink issue of payment of arrears from the issue of improvement in the financial condition of MTNL for payment of arrears. Other ways and means should be found out for early payment of arrears.

The following Office Bearers were elected unanimously.

  • Shri.R.A. Rajapure President
  • Shri S.V.Gajam Vice President
  • Shri B.R.Pathak General Secretary
  • Shri M.R.Dixit Assistant General Secretary
  • Shri J.B. Chilgar Treasurer

The house appointed Shri.M.B. Biradhar as Internal Auditor.

The following members were nominated as Advisors.

Shri.K.Jawahar, Shri. N.Chandrasekaran and Shri.P.S.Padwal.

Shri..N.W.Chincholkar is a permanent invitee to the Executive Committee meetings.


OPEN SESSION: A Grand Open Session was held at the same venue at 6 pm. Smt.Anita Soni Director (Fin) MTNL graced occassion as Chief Guest. Shri. Peeyush Agrawal ED MTNL Mumbai, Shri.M.K.Bagchi President RTOWA Delhi, Shri.S.S. Nanda G.S. RTOWA Delhi, Shri.A.K. Kaushik G.S. TEAM, Shri.Arvind Sawant President MTNKS, Shri.Dilip Jadhav GS MTNKS, Shri.J.S. Yadav CS TEAM, Shri. Rakesh Tumhane GM (Fin) MTNL Mumbai were the guests of honour. Shri.Badri Pathak General Secretary gave the Key Note address. The speeches of Chief guest and all the guests of honour were informative and thought provoking. All the speakers were unanimous in their view that 'Government should pay the pension of MTNL pensioners"

Shri.R.A.Rajapure our President gave vote of thanks.


05/10/2012: DPE has issued Rrevision of IDA with effect from 01/10/2012. The IDA rates wef 01/10/2012 are as under:

  • For those pensioners and employees whose last pension/pay revision was done wef 01/01/1997 :- 182.5% (01/07/2012: 172.6%) - Order Copy
  • For those pensioners and employees whose last pension/pay revision was done wef 01/01/2007 :- 67.3% (01/07/2012: 61.5% ) - Order Copy

29/09/2012:MTNL Corporate office has issued orders reducing the OPD reimbursement entitlement by Rs.3000/- for payment of insurance premium for the Medical Insurance. RTOWA has requested MTNL Management to withdraw the orders. Click here for the orders

Notice for 3rd Annual General Body Meeting to be held on 11-10-2012 at 15:30 Hrs. Click here for Agenda and Venue details.


Pension will be revised for all the MTNL combined service pensioners retired prior to 01/01/2007 with effect from 01/01/2007. The formula for revision is as follows:-

Revised Basic Pension = 1.3 X (Basic pension before commutation + 68.8% DA)

Net Pension Payable = Revised basic pension minus Amount of pension commuted plus applicable revised IDA

Revised pension will be paid from 01/10/2012. Arrears will be paid after the financial condition of MTNL improves.

We are grateful to all the Associations and Unions who have fought for this issue. We record our gratitude to MTNL management for issue of revision orders.

Click for Order | Excel File

31/08/2012:- GS RTOWA MTNL Delhi was relentlessly pursuing the issue of tax exemption on leave encashment on retirement for the EL at credit on the date of absorption. Now the Corporate Office has accepted our request and issued the orders.Click here for the orders.

31/08/2012:- MERGER OF MTNL AND BSNL:-News in "INDIATELECOMBRIEF.COM' : It is learnt that DoT has asked both BSNL and MTNL to submit a report suggesting ways to merge the two companies in three months.

23/08/2012 :- MTNL Management called a meeting on Pension Issue. Office Bearers of United Forum including Com.M.K.Bagchi Convenor of UF Delhi attended the meeting. A power point presentation on pension issue and comparison of all the pay scales with difference in pay and emoluments at every stage of the pay scales was given by the management. The UF said that it will respond after studying the proposal.

04/08/2012 :-The committee consisting of following officers has been formed by MTNL Corporate office to prepare roadmap to solve the pension issue.

  • Peeyush Agrawal, ED MTNL Mumbai
  • M.K. Saxena, Jt.GM (HR) CO MTNL
  • Nema, DGM (IR), MTNL Mumbai
  • S.S.Kaushal, Sr. Manager (IR), MTNL CO
  • A.K. Kapoor, AO, MTNL Delhi

23/07/2012 :- The agitation on pension issue was deferred. MTNL Management said that a committee will be constituted to study the modalities for effecting pay parity between MTNL and BSNL pay scales as a first step to solve the pension issue. Management also said that a series of meetings will be held with Unions and Associations to arrive at a consensus to prepare a roadmap to achieve pay parity. We are awaiting the formation of the committee and the proposal of the Management. United Forum continues to hold the view that pay scale parity is not relevant to the pension issue.

18/07/2012:-United Forum Mumbai organized a Mass Rally from Shivaji Park Telephone Exchange to Telephone House Prabhadevi to protest against the formation of Trust for payment of pension. Our Members participated in a large number enthusiastically. At the end of the rally a memorandum addressed to Minister of Communications was given to ED Mumbai. Leaders of United Forum addressed the gathering. It was stressed by the leaders that there will be no compromise on the pay parity issue and the agitation of work to rule will be launched vigorously from 24th July 2012 onwards both at Mumbai and Delhi. Shri. Bhai Jagtap, MLC and the Chairman of United Forum in his speech assured that the issue will be taken up with the Minister. A Press Release was issued. (Click here for Press Release)

17/07/2012:-Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) Mumbai held the conciliation proceedings with the leaders of United Forum Mumbai today. (Click here for minutes of the Conciliation proceedings)

16/07/2012:-United Forum Mumbai wrote a letter to CMD MTNL conveying disagreement to the contents of the Minutes of meeting held on 12/07/2012 by MTNL Management with UF Delhi and on video conference with UF Mumbai. (Click here for UF Mumbai letter dated 16/07/2012)

13/07/2012:-Orders for IDA revision effective from 01/07/2012 have been issued. The revised IDA rates are as under:-

  • Pay revised from 01/01/2007 :- 56.7% (Existing) 61.5% (Revised)
  • Pay revised from 01/01/1997 :- 164.6% (Existing) 172.6% (Revised)

13/07/2012:- Today Regional Labour Commissioner Delhi Conducted a meeting with MTNL Management and United Forum Delhi. (Click here for minutes of the meeting)


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