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RTOWA Mumbai

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Issued upto 12/04/2016 : CLICK HERE.

Issued from 13/04/2016 to 31/05/2016 : CLICK HERE. 

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MTNL CIRCULAR DATED 18/10/2016.                    






On 21/04/2017,  Shri S S Nanda GS and  Shri R K Mudgal AGS met CMD MTNL, Shri P K Purwar and discussed the following issues:

 1. Extension of date for Reimbursement of CGHS contribution: CMD agreed to extend the date for three months up to 30th June 2017 and instructed the GM (HR) to release the letter for date extension.

 2. Non starting of CGHS facility for MTNL Mumbai retirees: He told that his office is closely monitoring and it will be settled at the earliest.

3. Enhancement of CGHS reimbursement amount by MTNL: CMD told that due to financial constraints of MTNL, increasing of CGHS reimbursement amount is not possible. Association representatives insisted to reconsider his decision.

21/04/2017: OBITUARY:

Mr. A.D. PALSIKAR left for his heavenly abode on 17/04/2017. He is survived by his wife and two married sons who are staying in Pune. RTOWA extends heartfelt condolences to his family in grief.



19/04/2017: HOMAGE TO Shri R.A. RAJAPURE:

A meeting in memory of Shri R.A Rajapure has been arranged at 02:30 P.M. on 25/04/2017.


Community Hall, Mitradham CHS Ltd.,

Behind State Bank of India,

Parel East.

Just after the end of the flyover from Parel/Elphinston Railway Station, Parel East, a few minutes walk from both stations.

Leaders from Delhi ( Shri M.K. Bagchi, Shri A.K. Kaushik, Shri S.S. Nanda and others) and leaders of United Forum Mumbai will attend the meeting.

The meeting is to pay homage to the respected leader and it is open to all the pensioners and the employees of MTNL Mumbai.



RETIREES OF 2016 and 2017:

On 10/04/2017 the office bearers had discussions with the AO at CCA office and the DGM (Pension-MTNL). The following information was gathered.

1. The arrears on account of increase in the limit of Gratuity from 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs is to be sanctioned by respective areas of  MTNL and sent to CCA office for further process for payment. So please insist your AO to issue sanction and forward to CCA office.

2. Payment of pension will start in April-2017 to all the pensioners retired on 31/01/2017 and on 28/02/2017.

3. Gratuity and Commutation also will be paid to all the pensioners retired on 31/01/2017 and on  28/02/2017, in April-2017.

4. PPOs will be issued in April-2017 to all those retired upto November-2016.


MEDSAVE Insurance Cards:

The cards have been issued to about 6500 pensioners and sent by post. A few hundreds of various areas are left out for which cards will be issued shortly. 

The Medsave cards are sent by ordinary post . It seems that in many post offices ordinary letters are given least priority for delivery.

The card can also be downloaded from Medsave site and laminated by yourself. Please log on to 'medsave.in'. By inputting the last year card number the new card can be printed and laminated.



Today the Office Bearers Shri K.Jawahar, Shri B.R. Pathak and Shri M.R. Dixit met all the Accounts Officers at CCA office at Currey Road and DGM (Pension) of MTNL. After interactions the following information has been gathered.

1. More than 5900 PPOs of Pre 01/01/2007 retirees have been issued upto 31/03/2017. About 400 PPOs for which some documents are wanting and some more pension stopped cases are pending to be issued. The AOs have assured that all these cases will be cleared by 30/04/2017.

2. PPOs of those retired from year 2007 onwards will be issued from May-2017.

3. Arrears have been drawn for about 3750 pensioners retired prior to 01/01/2006 so far. The left over 700 pensioners who have retired upto 31/12/2005 will get arrerars by 30/04/2017.

4. The 1800+ pensioners of year 2006 will get arrears in next 3 months.


08/04/2017: E.C. MEETING.

Executive Committee Meeting of our Association was held on 07/04/2017.

1. Accounts for March-2017 was approved.

2. The progress in PPO preparation and Drawal of Arrears was reviewed.  Decided to discuss the issues including Form- 16 with CCA next week.

3. The Mumbai CGHS authorities agreed to issue cards if 6th pay commission pay mapping is mentioned in PPO. The error in this regard in the Pension System was rectified by MTNL Delhi due to the pursuit by Sri M.K. Bagchi, President RTOWA Delhi.

4. Decided to arrange a condolence meeting on 25/04/2017 to pay homage to our leader Sri. R. A. Rajapure.

The meeting ended thereafter.

06/04/2017: OM FOR IDA REVISION.

Department of Public Enterprises has issued orders dated 05/04/2017 announcing IDA of 117.1% effective from 01/04/2017, a decrease of 2.4%.

Please CLICK HERE to view the orders.

04/04/2017: CGHS OPTION

Co-Ordination Committee of Mumbai and Delhi has written to CMD to withdraw the last date of 31/03/2017 for application to CGHS on the basis of part reimbursement of one time subscription by MTNL.

Please CLICK HERE to view the letter.

02/04/2017: DECREASE IN IDA

IDA from 01/04/2017 will be 117.1 %. That is a reduction of 2.4%, based on Consumer Price Index.  Orders are expected to be issued soon.


Corporate Office MTNL has issued orders dated 22/03/2017 for enhancement of Gratuity limit from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs effective from 01/01/2016.

RTOWA discussed the issue with DGM (Pen) and AO-CCA for payment of arrears. It is learnt that necessary modifications will be made in the system and arrears are likely to be paid in April-2017.

Please CLICK HERE to view the orders.


Co-Ordination Committee of RTOWA Mumbai and RTOWA Delhi has written to CMD on the following issues.

 1. Full reimbursement of CGHS contribution.

 Please CLICK HERE to view the letter

 2. To consider financial upgradation effective from 01/10/2004 to the VRS retirees. This is our long pending demand.

 Please CLICK HERE to view the letter.


Happy News. Orders for enhancement of Gratuity from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs effective from 01/01/2016 has been issued today (16/03/2017) by DoT.

Please CLICK HERE to view the orders.


Yesterday (11/03/2017) Shri S.S. Nanda Convenor of Coordination Committee /GS RTOWA Delhi and Shri A K Kapoor met DIR(HR) at Corporate Office and discussed about the abnormal delay in the payment of floater cases of indoor medical claims at Delhi and Mumbai pending for the last 2 years. Letter in this regard written by Convenor was handed over to him.

They also reiterated the demand of 100% reimbursement of CGHS Subscription.



Shri. S. S. Nanda, Convenor Co-Ordination Committee of RTOWA Mumbai and Delhi has written to CMD, MTNL requesting him for early reimbursement of all the long pending floater cases of indoor medical claims.

Please CLICK HERE to view the letter above.


MTNL will bear 50% of one time contribution of CGHS subject to a minimum of Rs.20000 and maximum of Rs.40000.

To view the Corporate Office letter, please CLICK HERE.

06/03/2017: E.C. MEETING:

Executive Committee Meeting of our Association was held on 02/03/2017.

Sri. B. R. Pathak GS briefed about the Delhi visit.

Sri. K. Jawahar President briefed about the "Revision of Pension"

A three member team consisting of Sri. J. S. Yadav, Sri. M. R. Dixit and Sri. Gangopadhyay was formed to pursue the CGHS issue.

It is learnt that Member (Fin) has told CCA Mumbai to consider payment of at least 90% arrears of pension to all the entitled pensioners and to expedite PPO preparation work.

04/03/2017: OBITUARY:






01/03/2017: ARREARS BREAK UP:

CCA office informs that the yearwise break up of arrears will be given alongwith Form-16 to those who received the arrears during the year 2016-2017. It seems that those who have not received arrears are also approacing CCA office to get year wise break up. All pensioners who got arrears may please collect the yearwise breakup along with Form-16 in the month of May-2017.

So it is requested not to visit or disturb CCA office for this purpose please.


28/02/2017: ARREARS PAYMENT:

CMD has written letter to Member (Finance) to pay 90% of arrears to those retired prior to 01/04/2014 due to revision of pension immediately.

Please Click the following LINKS to view the letter.

PAGE-1         PAGE-2


26/02/2017:  RTOWA DELHI NEWS:

AGB and Open Session of RTOWA Delhi was held on 25/02/2017. 

Shri Prahlad Singh Member (Fin), Shri P.K. Purwar CMD, Shri N.K. Joshi ED MTNL Delhi, Shri Tiwari GM(A), Shri Dev Krishnan Jt. CCA, Shri V.K. Tomar GS MEA, Shri Mahavir Singh President BMS, Shri Mangeram Sharma President Staff Union and other leaders graced and addressed the Open House.

Shri B.R. Pathak GS and K.Jawahar President also addressed the Session.

The following are the gist of the speeches of dignitaries.

1. Pension revision should be demanded based on the recommendations of the Central Pay Commission,

2. 78.2% IDA issue has been referred to DoPT,

3. CMD has written to Member (Fin) to pay 90% of arrears due to revision of pension to all entitled pensioners,

4. CCAs have been directed to complete PPO preparation work on target basis,

5. CGHS Contribution reimbursement limit has been raised to Rs.40000,

6. Problems in getting CGHS Cards at Mumbai will be looked into,

7. Merger of BSNL and MTNL is one of the options under consideration for revival of both PSUs.

8. One round of discussions among DoT, BSNL and MTNL has taken place regarding recovery of license fee which includes HRA from pensioners retired from MTNL and occupying BSNL quarters.

The hall was full till the end. There was positivity in the speeches of all dignitaries.

The Open House Session was great success. 

Congrats RTOWA Delhi.


25/02/2017: REVISION OF PENSION FROM 01/01/2017:

On 23/02/2017, a meeting of the leaders of the following Associations was held at Delhi. 

1. All India BSNL Pensioners Welfare Association,

2. All India BSNL Retired Executives  Association,

3. RTOWA Mumbai,

4. RTOWA Delhi.

Leghthy discussions took place regarding revision of pension. 

It was unanimously decided to demand revision of pension as per 7th Pay Commission Recommendations. 

It was agreed that all the Associations of Pensioners of BSNL and MTNL should raise same demand without contradicting each other.

All Associations will vigorously start pursuing the demand immediately. If necessary, a Joint Forum will be formed after some time.


24/02/2017: MERGER OF MTNL & BSNL:

It is reliably learnt that as directed by PMO, a meeting of Secretary DoT, CMDs of MTNL and BSNL was held recently to find out ways and means to make MTNL and BSNL as profitable PSUs. 

 The proposal to be submitted by next week by DoT may include proposal for merger of MTNL and BSNL. 

The details of the proposal will be known by next week.


Enhancing the Gratuity limit from 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs to the combined service pensioners of MTNL and BSNL with effect from 01/01/2016 has been approved by DOP&T a few days back. Orders are likely to be issued by DoT next week.


Today the Office Bearers (Sri.K  Jawahar President,Sri. B.R.Pathak GS, Sri S.V. Gajam VP,  Sri.M.R.Dixit AGS, Sri.J.B. Chilgar Treasurer, Sri. V.K Bhatia, and Sri. Gangopadhyay) met Sri. Sultan Ahmed GM Finance MTNL Corporate Office at Delhi. 

 We apprised him of the problems in FMS in printing PPO books.

 We requested him to provide in FMS and in PPO to mention the name of dependent handicapped child as beneficiary of Family Pension.

 GM (Fin) immediately issued instructions regarding the above issues.

 Then we met DDG (Accounts) at Office of DoT.

The prolonging in Preparation of PPO for pre 01/04/2014 retirees and in drawal of arrears of pension to those retired prior to 01/01/2007 were brought to her notice.

She said that Member (Fin) had a meeting with CCA Mumbai and CCA Delhi and instructed them to complete these works within a couple of months. Office of Member (Fin) will be continuously monitoring the progress.

19/02/2017: TDS ON ARREARS:

Those who have got Arrears of Pension for earlier years can claim Income Tax relief under Section 89 (1) by submitting Form 10(E) along with Tax returns. 

 For this purpose the pensioners who have received arrears may get a "Sheet of Year wise break up of Arrears" duly signed from AO PDA Office of CCA, 3rd Floor, MTNL Telephone Exchange, Currey Road, Mumbai.

 To talk to AO PDA..022 24717140

SMS to 9869400449

Email :- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

19/02/2017: EC MEETING:

Executive Committee Meeting of our Association was held on 16/02/2017. Sri. S. M. Sawant Convenor, United Forum also participated.

The following decisions were taken.

 Accounts of December-2016 was approved.

 Sri. B. R. Pathak GS briefed about the RLC Meeting held on 16/02/2017. No additional information was given by Management in the RLC Meeting.

 The present status of PPO Preparations, arrears drawal, status of payment of pensionary benefits to 2016 retirees etc were taken note of.

 The issues to be discussed in the Co-Ordination Committee Meeting of RTOWA Mumbai and RTOWA Delhi to be held at Delhi in the next week were discussed and a tentative agenda was prepared.

 Sri. K. Jawahar President briefed about CGHS issue. It was decided that a few office bearers will apply for CGHS Cards on 20/02/2017 to assess the receptivity by the CGHS authorities.

 It was decided to hold a joint EC of RTOWA and MPWA next month and to form a "Joint Forum of Associations of Pensioners of MTNL Mumbai" in that meeting.


The recommendations of Third PRC are out now.

Unfortunately MTNL is under ‘NIL’ fitment category as per Third PRC as MTNL is incurring losses.

To view the detailed recommendations please CLICK HERE.


Today Sri. K. Jawahar President, Sri. B.R. Pathak GS, and Sri.M.R. Dixit AGS met the Accounts Officers of CCA office at Currey Road and DGM (Pen) MTNL.

 Pre 01/04/2014 Retirees :-

 PPOs have been issued to all the retirees up to 2005 and to about 50% (900) pensioners of 2006. 

 It is expected that all the retirees and Family pensioners up to December-2006 will get the PPO positively by 31/03/2017.

Arrears on Revision have been paid to about 2800 pensioners up to 31/01/2017 and 3750 are to be paid. The target date of 31/03/2017 given by CCA may not be achieved. 

Based on present trend it is expected that all will get arrears by 30/06/2017 positively.

Retirees after 01/04/2014 :-

PPOs have been issued for retirees up to July-2016. PPOs of August-2016 retirees are under process. 

Gratuity and Commutation have been paid for retirees up to October-2016.  

Retirees of November-2016 will get these payments in a couple of days. 

CDA Grade Pay and CDA Range of Pay :- 

This information is required for application to CGHS Cards. This information is made as a part of the PPO and is printed on page 4 of the PPO in all PPOs that are prepared from February-2017. 

This information is given in a separate sheet for all the PPOs issued up to 31/01/2017.

CGHS issue :-

The issue was discussed with DGM (IR) and CGHS authorities. Pensioners who have got DoT PPO can now apply for CGHS Card. All the hurdles have been cleared. 

Detailed information follows.


The representatives of United Forum Delhi met Additional Secretary(T) DOT on 10/02/2017 and discussed the following issues: -

 1.  Merger of MTNL and BSNL      

 2. 78.2% DA for Pay /Pension revision with effect from 01/01/2007.

 As regards merger of MTNL and BSNL he is of the  view that "the ways and means of such merger as recommended  by various committees , involve substantial investments by the Government which may not be favoured"

 About 78.2% IDA issue he said that the proposal sent by MTNL includes the need of financial assistance by the Government for its implementation and DOT cannot decide such matter on its own. DOT will send this proposal to Department of Personnel with DOT’s recommendations. 

 On a specific query whether we can remain hopeful, his cryptic reply was that one should always remain hopeful. 

 Meeting ended with some positive note.

06/02/2017: DOT OM DATED 13/01/2017:

Implications of DOT's letter dated 13/01/2017 :-


A copy of this letter is given below.

DoT started payment of pension to combined service pensioners of MTNL from 01/04/2014. The arrangement was that  MTNL should pay all the unpaid pension or arrears of pension relating to the period prior to 01/04/2014 and should get reimbursement from DOT.

Subsequently in relaxation of the above, DOT agreed to pay the arrears due to revision of pension from 01/01/2007 to 30/09/2012 vide letter dated 10/08/2015.

Besides the Arrears on Revision  of Pension there are other arrears viz., 

1. Arrears to family pensioners due to increase in the period of enhanced family pension from 7 years to 10 years, 

2. Gratuity/Commutation to those retired prior to 01/04/2014 but disciplinary cases etc. settled after 01/04/2014,

3.Retired prior to 01/04/2014 but pay anomaly cases settled or Pay scale upgradation after 01/04/2014, 

4. Some other cases of arrears due to rectification of errors etc. 

 MTNL refused to pay these arrears on the plea of paucity of funds. DoT declined to pay on the plea and insisted that MTNL should pay and get reimbursement. 

RTOWA Mumbai took a stand that all arrears relating to period from 01/10/2000 onwards should be paid only by DoT and continuously pursued the issue for about a year. Even after issue of letter dated 13/01/2017, CCA Mumbai office had some doubts. It is learnt  that all the doubts were clarified in the meeting convened by Member (Fin) on  03/02/2017.

 RTOWA Mumbai will pursue the payment of all these arrears.

To view the DoT letter dated please CLICK HERE.

04/02/2017: PPO NEWS:

Member (Fin) DoT convened a meeting of Pr. CCA Delhi, CCA Mumbai, officers of different wings in DoT and CMD MTNL on 03/02/2017 in connection with the issues raised by RTOWA Delhi and Mumbai.

It is learnt that the following decisions were taken. 

1. MTNL will post additional staff to CCA office to complete all the pending works in a specific time frame.

2. The salary of the staff posted by MTNL in CCA office will be paid by the Pr. CCA unit.

3. All type of pending arrears due from 01-10-2000 will be paid by the o/o Pr. CCA units Delhi and Mumbai in accordance with the letter of DOT dated 13-01-2017.

4. FMS connectivity issue was discussed and some technical operating points were suggested by MTNL to resolve the issues. 

Let us hope that PPO for all those retired prior to 01/04/2014 and Arrear payments will be made within a specific time frame. 

Further information in this regard will be known within a few days.

03/02/2017: RTOWA DELHI NEWS:

On 02/02/2017 RTOWA Delhi President Sri. M K Bagchi , GS Sri. S S Nanda and AGS Sri. R K Mudgal met Director(TE) at DoT Ms. Vandana Sethi regarding status of enhancement DCRG from Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs effective from 01/01/2016. 

She said that there was some query raised by DOPT in the matter. DOT has replied the query. She was hopeful that soon the file will be cleared by DOPT. 

Non-starting of CGHS facility in Mumbai was also discussed with her. She replied that DOT has sent a letter to the Ministry of Health and CGHS Mumbai in this regard.

 02/02/2017: CGHS NEWS:

On 30/01/2017 Sri B.R. Patahk G.S., Sri M.R. Dixit AGS and Sri J.S. Yadav Organising Secretary met E.D., GM (Admin) and DGM (IR) and requested to convene a meeting of officers from CCA and CGHS for better co-ordination. Also requested to prescribe procedure to get CGHS Cards.

Formal letters have been sent to ED, Mumbai and Additional Director, CGHS, Mumbai.

Letter to Director (Policy), CGHS Directorate at Delhi requesting to defer the revised rate of CGHS Contribution has also been written.

To view the letters please click the LINKS concerned below.






RTOWA wishes all those retired during January-2017 a very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Long Retired Life.

Make a plan of how your future is going to look like. Make a small investment portfolio so that you won't have to worry about your retirement.


 27/01/2017: E.C. MEETING: 

Today the Executive Committe Meeting of our Association was heled.

Accounts for the month of December-2016 was approved.

The progress in PPO preparation and payment of arrears to those retired prior to 01/01/2007 was briefed by the G.S. Shri Pathak.

The E.C. appreciated the breakthrough made by our Delhi leaders in CGHS issue.

Shri K.Jawahar President briefed about the continuous pursuit made by RTOWA Mumbai as well as by United Forum Mumbai in CGHS issue.

Elaborate discussions took place regarding CGHS and further course of actions to be taken were decided.

The E.C. further decided to issue notices to those E.C. Members who had not attended E.C. Meeting continuosly for three meetings.

The meeting concluded thereafter.                    




After the E.C. meeting, all the Office Bearers and most of the E.C. Members met DGM (IR) and discussed about the CGHS issue. He admitted that the SMS was issued to those pensioners who have got new PPO to apply for CGHS as per the direction of Corporate Office. He agreed to the ground reality that still CGHS Mumbai is not agreeing to issue CGHS cards. The team reminded him of RTOWA's request to ED as well as to DGM(IR) on 13/01/2017 to convene a meeting of officers from CGHS and CCA to chalk out a procedure and for Co-Ordination. The team also requested him to replicate the procedure being followed at MTNL Delhi. DGM(IR) assured that he will very soon take appropriate steps in consultation with GM(Admin).

The Office Bearers will do further pursuits on 30/01/2017. ***********************************************************************************************************

26/01/2017: GREETINGS:

RTOWA Wishes All The Members A Very HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY.



Today, the office bearers (K. Jawahar, M.R. Dixit and J. B. Chilgar) met Ms. Monali Dhakate CCA at her office at Juhu.


The slow progress in Arrears drawal and PPO preparation was brought to her notice.


 She said that she still maintains her assurance given to RTOWA in November-2016, that is...  Arrears payment and PPO preparation to all those retired up to 31/12/2006 will be completed by 31/03/2017.


Regarding CGHS she said that the procedure prescribed by CCA Delhi will be replicated in Mumbai too. However, she said CGHS Mumbai is awaiting orders from their CGHS Policy Wing Delhi.  She also said that CCA Office will fully co-operate with MTNL and CGHS Mumbai.


The office bearers then met the CAO (Cash) of CCA office at Juhu. He said that all cases of arrears payments and Gratuity/Commutation payments are sent through ECS without delay.


RTOWA requested him to reconcile and upload the Income tax recovered from pensions up to 31/12/2016 on TRACES.



The Office bearers (K. Jawahar, B.R. Pathak, M.R.Dixit, J.B.Chilgar) met Dy.CCA, DGM (Pen) MTNL, and all the Accounts Officers of CCA Unit at CCA Office at Currey Road on 13/01/2017.


The following information were gathered. 


Pension files and service books of all the Family Pensioners and Pensioners retired up to 31/03/2014 except about 450 files have been sent by MTNL to CCA.


PPOs for all Pensioners and Family Pensioners retired up to 31/12/2005 have been issued. About 600 PPOs of 2006 retirees are ready for printing.

Due to some glitch in the printing process the printing is pending.


It is expected that PPOs of all the 1750 pensioners retired during 2006 will be issued by 28/02/2017.


It is expected that the PPOs of about 5000 Pensioners/Family Pensioners from 2007 to 31/03/2014 will be issued by 30/06/2017.


16/01/2017: CGHS NEWS: 

 CGHS Implementation for MTNL Mumbai Combined Service Pensioners: -

 On 11/01/2017, Sri. Pawar, Sri. S. M. Sawant, Sri.J.S.Yadav and Sri.J.B. Chilgar participated in the quarterly meeting convened by Asst. Director CGHS Mumbai.

 Asst. Director said that still he needs instructions from CGHS higher authorities at Delhi for issuing CGHS Cards to Combined service pensioners.

 The progress in Delhi was brought to his notice. He said that if the requirements as per CGHS Rules are met there is no problem. 

 He also said that the lump sum subscription has been doubled.

 On 13/01/2017 Sri. K. Jawahar, Sri. B. R. Pathak, Sri. M. R. Dixit, Sri.J.B. Chilgar met ED. The progress made in Delhi in implementation of CGHS was brought to his knowledge. The following requests were made: -

 1. Welfare Section should arrange a meeting of CCA and CGHS to decide on the procedure for issuing CGHS Cards.

 2. On MTNL side the work should be centralised at Welfare Section at Telephone House instead of delegating the work to Areas. This will enable CGHS and CCA to have one point of contact with MTNL as well as to speed up the process.

 RTOWA has decided to pursue vigorously the issue of full reimbursement of the one-time subscription with Corporate Office.

 It is presumed that the PPOs to all the pensioners retired prior to 31/03/2014 will be issued by 30/06/2017 by CCA. So, Corporate Office will be requested to extend the last date for application for CGHS Card to 31/07/2017.


14/01/2017: GREETINGS :

RTOWA Wishes all the members a very very







As per DoT's report, the technical issues in the implementation of orders to extend CGHS facility to the combined service pensioners of BSNL/MTNL as posed by CGHS, R.K. Puram Unit, was resolved in the meeting held on 06/01/2017 between DoT Units and CGHS ( Policy) Unit at Nirman Bhavan. Now the intending pensioners of MTNL Delhi can get CGHS Cards after taking the NOC from Pr. CCA through MTNL as notified earlier.

At Mumbai:

Shri S.M. Sawant convenor of United Forum and Shri B.R. Pathak , GS-RTOWA will meet Dy. Director CGHS today (11/01/2017) and hold discussions.


04/01/2017: CGHS NEWS.

According to the following News, the procedure for implementation of CGHS for Pensioners of MTNL Delhi will soon be crystallised, removing all glitches in the process of issuing CGHS Cards. 

 The same procedure will be more or less replicated in Mumbai.

 RTOWA Mumbai and MTNL PWA Mumbai are in  pursuit of this issue.


 The leaders of United Forum Delhi, led by Sri. M.K.Bagchi, are in continuous pursuit of implementation of CGHS through informal discussions with Member (Services) and other higher officers of DoT and CCA.

 Now CGHS Policy Wing of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India has convened a meeting to be held on 06/01/2017 which will be attended by CGHS (Policy Unit), DDG (Estt.) and Director (TE) of DOT and Additional Director (HQ) of CGHS (Implementation Unit) to sort out the issues involving the glitches in implementation of CGHS benefit for MTNL/ BSNL pensioners. 

 In the said meeting, it is expected that this issue will be conclusively decided.

 Meanwhile it appears that CGHS Unit is preparing itself to implement the orders for issuing CGHS Cards based on the  CCA Delhi's additional sheet of PPO mentioning "Head of Account", Equivalent CDA Pay Scale with Grade Pay & " Range of Pay".


31/12/2016:  NEW YEAR GREETINGS :

RTOWA wishes all the members a very HAPPY and PROSPEROUS New Year 2017. Each of us has some pending tasks and pending goals which we carry forward to the next year and also we have new goals and tasks to be set. Let us hope that we may achieve all of our pending as well as new goals in this new year.



RTOWA wishes all those who are retiring today a very HAPPY, HEALTHY and PEACEFUL retired life.

Establishing new schedules and routines is a great way to make the transition into retirement easier and help seniors find a new path forward. Wish you all a smooth transition too.


30/12/2016: NEW IDA RATE :

The IDA from 01/01/2017 will be 119.5%. based on Consumer Price Index.

Net decrease in D.A. will be 0.8%.


28/12/2016:PROGRESS ON 78.2% IDA ISSUE


Leaders of United Forum Delhi are continuously pursuing this issue.


MTNL Board decision was sent to DoT on 22/12/2016. 


In a meeting with the leaders of Forum of U&A of MTNL Delhi on 27/12/2016, it is learnt that CMD has assured that he would positively do the follow up with DoT and see that 78.2% IDA is approved by DoT



19/12/2016: MEDSAVE CARDS :

On 15/12/2016, the office bearers (K. Jawahar, B.R. Pathak and M.R. Dixit) met the Incharge of Medsave TPA at Dadar. He said that only 1700 applications have been received so far for Renewal of Medsave Insurance Card. Compared to 14000 pensioners the number of Applications is very less.  Perhaps many applications may be with MTNL Area Offices and they may be forwarding the applications after the last date of 15/12/2016. 

The preparation and issue of cards will start soon. The last year card is valid till the receipt of new card by the Pensioners.

 They met Shri. Bhosale DGM (IR) and congratulated him on his recent assumption of office of DGM (IR). They requested him to extend the date for Application for Insurance card and to give wide publicity. He said the date was fixed by Corporate office and the issue will be taken up with Corporate office. Then the pending floater medical claims were discussed.

 RTOWA will take up the long pending floater medical claim cases with Corporate Office.

17/12/2016: ISSUES OF 2016 RETIREES :-

 The file for upward revision of gratuity to Rs.20 lakhs is yet to be cleared by DoT Finance section.  RTOWA Delhi is closely following it up.  Orders are expected in the coming week.

Gratuity and Commutation :- 

 Delay if any in payment was discussed with AO (Pen) CCA on 15/12/2016. He says about 50% of the cases are paid in the first month after retirement and almost all the remaining cases are paid in the second month after retirement. The main reason for delay is not getting Struck off order in time and delay in getting file from MTNL.

 Pension :-

In most of the cases pension payment is started in the first month after retirement and almost in all cases in the second month.

 Leave Encashment :-

The delay in payment of leave encashment was discussed with DGM (Pen).

He says there was funds problem a few months back. Now funds are received within a month. Some Area offices do not   keep a copy of leave account before sending the service book to CCA Office and wait for return of service book from CCA. We requested him to issue suitable instructions to all area offices for speedy payment of leave encashment.

PPOs :- 

PPOs have been issued up to March-2016 retirees and April-2016 is in progress. Within a few months the backlog will be cleared. In ideal conditions PPO should be issued by third month after retirement.

Please contact AO Pension for readiness of PPO before going to CCA office to collect it.


Today the Office bearers (Sri. K  Jawahar, Sri. B.R.Pathak, and Sri.M.R.Dixit) met all Accounts Officers of CCA and DGM (Pen) of MTNL at Currey Road.

 The following information was gathered:-

 Life Certificate process is almost complete. Out of about 14400 pensioners, only about 800 are yet to give certificate. We requested AO-PDA to issue SMS to all these pensioners.

 PPOs to pre 01/04/2014 retirees :-

 Retired upto 31/12/2005 :-PPOs have been issued to all 4700 pensioners/family pensioners except a very few. 

Those who have not received the PPO may please contact AO PDA.

 Retired during the year 2006 :-

There are about 1780 pensioners/family pensioners in 2006.  The PPO preparation work is in full swing.

 It is expected that all pensioners upto 2006 will get PPO by February- 2017.

 PPO preparation for about 5020 pensioners from 2007 to March 2014 will be taken up afterwards.

Payment of Arrears :-

Pensioners upto 2005:-

Arrears have been paid to about 2010 pensioners/family pensioners so far. About 2700 pensioners are yet to be paid.

 Pensioners of 2006:-

Drawal of arrears to about 1780 pensioners /family pensioners of 2006 will be taken up after payment of arrears to all the pensioners up to 2005.

The arrear drawal work is in full swing.

RTOWA will meet CCA next week and insist her to honour her commitment of "Arrears payment to all by 31/03/2017".

We requested all the concerned officers to upload the details of   Life certificate wanting cases and PPOs issued during October-2016 and November-2016 on the pensioners' portal.


Pension for November-2016, for 1334 pensioners who had given Life Certificate after 20/11/2016 and up to 07/12/2016 has been drawn in supplementary bill. Pension is likely to be credited to their bank account within a few days.


The Minutes of the MTNL Board Meeting held on 08/12/2016 has been collected.

To view the Minutes please CLICK HERE.


Happy News :-

Today MTNL Board has decided in favour of  78.2% IDA for the purpose of revision of Pay w.e.f. 01/01/2007.

Now MTNL Board will seek DoT's Approval for implementation.

Further details are awaited. 

This is as informed by Sri.S.S.Nanda GS RTOWA Delhi.

05/12/2016: EC MEETING :

 Today EC meeting was held.

The EC took a note of the following probable positive development during this week.

1. MTNL Board in the scheduled meeting on 08/12/2016 is likely to recommend 78.2% IDA for revision of Pay/Pension on 01/01/2007.

2. Orders for raising gratuity limit of Rs.10 lakhs to 20 lakhs w.e.f 01/01/2016 are likely to be issued this week.

Decided to participate in the quarterly meeting convened by CGHS Mumbai on 07/12/2016 to insist implementation of CGHS for Mumbai MTNL Pensioners.

Decided to attend RTOWA Delhi Conference on 24/02/2017 at Delhi.  All seven members of Co-Ordination Committee will attend the Conference.

Decided to meet Pr. CCA in the next week to discuss all the pending issues.

 Accounts for November-2016 was approved.

 Sri. J.S. Yadav and Sri. G. N. Haragaball were unanimously co-opted as Organising Secretary and EC Member respectively.


Retirement is when you finally stop doing whatever the boss tells you to do and you start doing what your heart tells you to do. RTOWA wishes all those who are retiring today a very HAPPY, HEALTHY and CHEERFUL retired life.

23/11/2016: DEMONSTRATION:

Successful Mass Demonstration :-

Pensioners and Employees together about 400 participated in Mass Demonstration.

Slogans in favour of demands were raised with enthusiasm. 

The office bearers of all Unions and Associations spoke to the gathering about the latest status of the demands.








United Forum Mumbai has called for a Mass Demonstration tomorrow (23/11/2016) at 1 pm at Telephone House, Dadar.

Demands :-

1. 78.2% IDA for revision of Pay and Pension wef 01/01/2007.

2. Not to reduce the retirement age of working employees from 60 to 58.

3. Automatic revision of pension similar to Govt pensioners. 

4. Merger of MTNL and BSNL.

All Pensioners and Employees are requested to participate in the Demonstration to achieve the demands.



Last date for submission of Contributory Group Health Insurance Scheme (TPA Medical Insurance Scheme) is 15th December 2016.

RTOWA requests all the pensioners to submit the forms A, B, F, and G in duplicate to their respective Area Office.


MTNL Board Meeting was held yesterday (15/11/2016).

It is learnt that 78.2% issue was discussed, but decided to defer it to next board meeting.

2. The proposal to reduce retirement age from 60 to 58 was discussed.

3. The revival proposal of MTNL was discussed in detail.

This development was discussed by United Forum Mumbai in today's (16/11/2016) meeting.

The MTNL Board Meeting on 15/11/2016 disappointed employees and pensioners.

78.2% issue was postponed to next board meeting though MTNL had assured earlier that it will be approved in this meeting.

Shockingly, it is learnt that a lengthy discussion was held regarding reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58.

In this background UF Mumbai decided to launch a Mass demonstration on 23/11/2016 (Wednesday) during lunch hour at Telephone House.

All Employees and Pensioners are requested to Participate in the Demonstration to make it success.


Meeting of the constituent Associations and Unions of United Forum Delhi was held on 08-11-2016 at Kidwai Bhawan. Sri.M.K. Bagchi Convenor guided the discussions.

Sri.S.S. Nanda GS, RTOWA emphasised the urgency to take up "Revision of pension from 01/01/2017"

The UF strongly condemned MTNL's move to propose reduction of the age of retirement from 60 to 58 for working employees.

The UF decided to hold
Lunch Hour demonstration on 23-11-2016 (Wednesday) at CGO Complex New Delhi in support of all long pending demands.


In the meeting with CCA on 21/10/2016, Non uploading of details of Tax recovered from pension on the TRACES was pointed out.

CCA assured to look into the issue and now has taken prompt action. Now the tax recoveries during this financial year have been uploaded. Pensioners have got SMS from ITAX department too.

Please see whether the tax deducted so far from the pension agrees with 26AS of TRACES. If there is any discrepancy please bring it to the notice of CCA Office.


RTOWA has written the following letters to CCA Maharashtra Circle Mumbai.

1. RTOWA has requested CCA to take all steps to fulfil the promise of payment of arrears to all the entitled pensioners by 31/03/2017.

    To view the letter please CLICK HERE.

2. Requested to rectify the errors in last year ( F.Y. 2015-16) Form-16 cases.

    To view the letter please CLICK HERE.

3. Requested to reconcile the tax recovery of this year ( F.Y. 2016-17) and proper compliance of tax rules.

   To view the letter please CLICK HERE.


Now as per CO orders dated 02/11/2016 the Contribution by Pensioners has been fixed at Rs.2697 for single beneficiary and Rs 4472 for two beneficiaries.

Though we have not achieved what we wanted, due to the strong protest of Pensioners and continuous pursuit by Joint Forum & RTOWA Delhi the amount has been reduced....a partial achievement. 

So it has been decided by RTOWA and TPWA of Mumbai and RTOWA & Joint Forum Delhi to withdraw the Protest Action of "Non filling of forms".

However we will convey our disappointment to Corporate Office. 

RTOWA Mumbai will now  focus on  Arrears Payment, PPO Books preparation, and CGHS.

It is reliably learnt that the 78.2% IDA will  be approved in the ensuing MTNL Board Meeting on 15/11/2016.


As per Corporate Office orders dated 02/11/2016, the premium contribution to be reduced from the OPD Limit for Medical insurance scheme is Rs. 2697 for single beneficiary and Rs.4472 for two beneficiaries. 

If available OPD Limit is insufficient to cover the aforesaid premium amount, the balance will be reduced from the OPD limit of next year i.e., 2017-18.

To view the C.O. MTNL letter please CLICK HERE.


All pensioners are required to give Life certificate every year in November.

In addition to Life Certificate, Family Pensioners should give Non Marriage Certificate; Officers retired from posts of E-5 and above should give Non Employment Certificate.


1. Please go to CCA's Pension office at Currey Road Telephone exchange Mumbai with Copies of PAN Card and Aadhar Card and complete the formalities.


From 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. on all days of November-2016 except Sundays and Holiday on 14/11/2016.

2. Please go to your Bank in which your pension is credited with Life Certificate Form, Aadhar and Pan card, get Certified by Bank Manager. Send the Life Certificate with copies of PAN and Aadhar Card by hand or by post to AO (PDA) 3rd Floor MTNL Currey Road Telephone Exchange Mumbai- 400012.              

3. Please get life certificate from any gazetted officer of State or Central Govt or from any authorised authority and send it by hand or by post to AO PDA.
4. Through JEEVAN PRAMAN :-

If you have received New PPO from CCA Office, Jeevan Praman can be given online. For further details please see the website jeevanpramaan. gov. in

To know nearest centre sms JPL  <PINCODE> to 7738299899.  Please go to any Jeevan Praman centre with your PPO, Aadhar Card, Bank details etc., give biometric scanned by the Centre. Select Mumbai CCA as the Pension Paying Authority. The certificate will be retrieved by AO PDA. You need not send it.
Life Certificate can  be handed over at your nearest MTNL Area office also, for onward transmission to AO PDA at Currey Road

MTNL, BSNL absorbed officers are not authorised to issue life certificate.

The Life certificate form can be downloaded from "pensioner.mtnl.in" or "rtowambi.in".

Click Treasury Rules on the site "rtowambi.in" to see list of Authorities who can give Life certificate

On updating the life certificate in the System, a confirmation SMS will be sent to  you within a few days.

Pension will be drawn in November-2016 for those who give life certificate by 15/11/2016. A supplementary drawal will be done by 10/12/2016 for those who give life certificate from 16/11 to 30/11.

Mention of PPO No. for those not received New PPO is not mandatory. MTNL STAFF NO. is must


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