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RTOWA Mumbai

Whats New





                  Two letters have been sent to the Principal CCA, Mumbai for various demands and some suggestions have also been put forth in them.

To view those letters please click the following links.

LETTER1           LETTER2



RTOWA has written a letter to Shri. Gopal Joshi, Principal CCA, endorsing copy to Member (Fin) and Director (Fin) regarding Arrears Payment and PPO.

RTOWA has also requested Pr. CCA to consider the following:
1, To send New PPO by post to outstation pensioners,
2. To upload the list of PPOs issued and Arrears drawn on pensioners' portal on weekly basis.
3. To provide grievance redressal toll free number email id exclusively for MTNL Pensioners.
4. To issue Form 16 for the FY 2015-16
5. To arrange for adequate funds to avoid delay in payment of Commutation and Gratuity to the current year retirees.


Office bearers (K, Jawahar, M.R. Dixit, and J.B. Chilgar) met GM (Fin) and DGM (FMS) today. The issue of non accessibility of the system by CCA Office in the last week of every month for Arrears drawal work was discussed. They say there is no system inadequacy or system deficiency.

The system has been designed in such a way that, during the process of drawal of monthly pension if the arrears drawal is done, then the arrears amount also will get mixed up with monthly pension leading to other problems. So arrears drawal work is not advised after starting process of drawal of monthly pension generally after 22nd of every month.

We pointed out that, this system design is a hindrance for Arrears drawal and requested to consider modification of the system.

21/04/2016: Meeting with Pr. CCA:-

The office bearers (K. Jawahar, M.R.Dixit and J.B.Chilgar) had a meeting with Shri. Gopal Joshi Principal CCA on 20/04/2016. On behalf of all members of RTOWA, they greeted him with bouquet on his promotion to Principal CCA and joining at Maharashtra Circle.

He is an experienced Senior Officer and the office bearers conveyed their happiness and expectations.

The following issues were discussed.
1. Expediting Arrear payment and PPO issue,
2. Early payment of commutation and Gratuity to current year retirees.
3. To send New PPO by Regd. Post to outstation pensioners.
4. Issue of Form-16 for the year 2015-2016
5. Setting up grievance redressal mechanism with exclusive Landline number / Email-id at CCA office for MTNL Pensioners to lodge grievances and to get information.

He said that he requires some time to get into the crux of the issues. He also said that the system both hardware and software are frustrating the efforts of officers and staff. He will discuss this issue with ED MTNL Mumbai and GM Finance. He assured that he will look into all the issues.


Then they met Mr. Ankur Dy.CCA and Accounts officers of CCA Office. All the officers were receptive. The following information was gathered:

Refund of wrong recovery of Income Tax to 603 pensioners will be made along with pension for April-2016.

Form-16 for 2015-16 will be issued in the first week of June-2016.

Arrears have been paid for 505 pensioners and it is ready for payment to some 120 more pensioners.

PPOs of pre 01/04/2014 retirees: 1841 have been issued as on 20/04/2016.

Due to system inadequacies the drawal of arrears and preparation of PPOs are not done after 22nd of every month, as the system is required for processing current month pension.

Commutation and Gratuity of those retired up to 31/01/2016 are being processed for payment now.

20/04/2016: EC Meeting :-

EC Meeting for April-2016 was held on 13/04/2016. The following discussions took place.


1. Accounts of March-2016 were approved.

2. Members voiced their concern on slow pace of PPO Preparation work and Arrears Drawal work at CCA .

3. Moreover there is delay in payment of Commutation, Gratuity and Leave Encashment to those retired in January-2016, February-2016 and March-2016.

4, It was decided to discuss these issues with Principal CCA, ED and GM (Finance-MTNL) and to take up these issues again with Director (Finance) of Corporate Office and Member (Finance).

5. President and GS briefed the members about their meeting with Chartered Accountant regarding auditing of Accounts by CA since the formation of Association in August-2008, as it is a mandatory requirement before filing Annual Returns to Charity Commissioner.


                     RTOWA welcomes Shri. Gopal Joshi who has joined as Principal CCA Maharashtra Telecom Circle recently.  RTOWA wishes him all the best in his new assignment.

                   On transfer to Delhi Circle Shri. Manish Pathak CCA was relieved from CCA Maharashtra Circle, Mumbai on 31/03/2016.


           The income tax recovered from the following categories of pensioners from the pension for March-2016 will be refunded along with the pension for April-2016.
1. All family pensioners.
2. All pensioners whose annual pension is below 3 lakhs.

Presumptive savings of Rs.1.5 lakhs under 80 C will be input in the system while drawing pension for April-2016 and May-2016. Actual savings as intimated by the Pensioners will be considered from the month of June-2016.

All pensioners may intimate actual savings to AO (PDA) Curry Road.


Most of the Areas have drawn the "Pension calculation difference arrears” for those retired during 2006 (a small amount of a few thousand rupees) and remitted. This arrears amount has been separately remitted by MTNL Areas.



                        RTOWA Wishes all members and their family a very very,

Happy Tamil New Year,

Happy Vishu,

Happy Poila Boishak,

Happy Baisakhi and

Happy Ambedkar Jayanthi.

                       Let Happiness and Harmony prevail everywhere with flourishing Prosperity.




                          RTOWA wishes all those retired today a very very HAPPY, HEALTHY and PEACEFUL retired life.

                         After retirement the body grows older, the heart grows fonder and the mind becomes younger. Wish you all the best at trying to handle an old body with a young mind and fond heart.


EC meeting of RTOWA was held today. The following issues were discussed.

1. Accounts for the months of January '16 and February '16 were approved.

2. Filing of IT returns of RTOWA and getting refund of TDS on FD were discussed. Decided to consult CA.

3. Annual returns to Charity Commissioner was not filed since the formation of RTOWA in 2008. Decided to consult CA and Consultant.

Further course of action on the issues at 2 and 3 will be crystalysed before the next EC Meeting.

4. Payment of Arrears and PPO preparation works were reviewed. These works are now progressing systematically, though slow. The progress will be assessed in the first week of April. If necessary these issues will be taken up with all the appropriate authorities then. Uploading the list of PPOs issued and list of pensioners for whom arrears are drawn are not posted on web site. This also will be taken up.

Today the office bearers Mr. Badri Pathak, Mr. Dixit and Mr Chilgar met CAO, MTNL pension section, Mr Kumar. He conveyed the following information.

1) Total No of pension cases sent to CCA section up to year-2006 in Feb-16 - 500 ,

2) No of cases yet to be sent up to the year – 2006 - 225.    He assured that all cases up to the year 2006 will be sent by this week end.

3) Recalculation arrears for 2006 VRS retirees : Funds are allotted and area AO will arrange to send arrears by ECS mostly by 20th of this month.

4) Additional space is allotted to pension section. Order has been issued and the particular space is vacated by concerned authority and handed over to CCA pension section today.

Same team met AO PDA (CCA section) also and the following information was collected:_
1) Pension arrears till today completed 414 cases covering  up to 2003 retirees,

2) Issue of PPOs: 1424 cases have been finalised covering the year 2005 till today. 
3) The team insisted to display the latest PPO list on portal but it is told that action is being taken to update the list.

Further the team met GM Section to know about the posting of a Mazdoor to CCA section. It was informed that order for posting of one more mazdoor will be issued soon.


                     Arrears payment has been made to 285 pensioners retired before 01/01/2003. About 100 to 150 cases are processed every week.

                         PPOs have been issued to about 1400 pensioners retired before 01/01/2006. However the list is yet to be updated on pensioners’ portal.

                           Our website was down for past few days and has been restored today.


                         RTOWA wishes all those retired on 29/02/2016 a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Retired Life.

                          A big episode of Professional life has ended and a new fresh episode is going to begin in your life. CHEER UP.



Today the Office Bearers (B.R.Pathak, S.V.Gajam and J.B.Chilgar) met DGM(IR) at Telephone House. Medsave ( Medical Insurance) cards have been issued to 5732 pensioners out of 6631 applicants. Remaining cards will be issued soon. It was brought to his notice about the delay in payment of premium by MTNL for those who retire in the current year.

The office bearers met DGM (Planning) and discussed about allotment of more space to CCA Pension Office at Curry Road.

It was gathered from the budget section that funds for payment of leave encashment to the retirees of December-2015 and January-2016 will be received by 23/02/2016 and payment will be made thereafter.

18/02/2016 :

Today the Office Bearers (K. Jawahar, B.R.Pathak, M.R. Dixit, J.B. Chilgar) met Accounts Officers of CCA Office Curry Road and CAO MTNL Pension Cell Curry Road.

The status of PPO preparation and Arrears payment are as under:

Pension/FP cases up to 31/12/2006:- 6448
Files Sent to CCA by MTNL                :- 4917

PPOs issued so far                            :- 1194

Arrears for pensioners retired up to 31/12/2002:-
Likely to be released on 22/02/2016:- 150 cases 

Our Observation: - After our meeting with Member (Fin) last month, there is visible change.
Weekly targets have been fixed and monitored by DoT.

RTOWA is pursuing MTNL at all levels to relieve the additional staff posted to CCA and to get more space for CCA Office.

The list of PPOs issued will be updated on the website in the first week of every month.

On payment of arrears through ECS credit, information about arrears i.e., summary of arrears amount, financial year wise will be informed to the Pensioner.

Tax is recovered at prescribed slab rate from the arrears.

We hope that the work of PPO preparation and payment of arrears will pick up momentum in the coming weeks.

We will continue to closely observe the progress.

17/02/2016 : ARREARS PAYMENT

Payment of arrears due to revision of pension to those retired prior to 31/12/2002 started.
Cheques were handed over to about 10 pensioners by CCA in a small function on 12/02/2016 held at CCA office.
It is gathered that payment to about 100 more pensioners retired before 31/12/2002 will be made this week through ECS. To start with, the target has been fixed as 100 cases per week.
RTOWA is closely pursuing the issue


EC meeting was held today.
President and GS apprised the members about the successful Conference of Delhi RTOWA, meeting with Member Finance, meeting with Labour Commissioner, day long dharna with hunger strike on 29/01/2016, meeting with CCA on 27/01/2016, meeting with AOs of CCA Pension section and meeting with ED / GMF on 02/02/2016.

Steps to be taken up to speed up PPO issue, payment of arrears, and to strengthen RTOWA were discussed.

Decided to closely oversee the progress of PPO issue and arrears payment, to escalate the issue immediately if there is slackness.

Decided to form Joint Forum with Pensioners Union of Non Executives.

Decided to approach all retirees from July-2015 to join RTOWA.


Today the Office bearers (K. Jawahar, B.R.Pathak, M.R. Dixit, and J. B. Chilgar) went to Curry Road office and held detailed discussions with CAO, MTNL Pension cell and AOs of CCA Office.

Speeding up of PPO issue, and payment of Arrears were discussed. They wanted some specific staff and additional space. Target of 100 PPOs per week is now fixed for issue of PPOs to the retirees prior to 01/04/2014.

Payment of arrears will start very soon. The priority will be year of retirement/start of Family pension.  Cases up to 2003 will be taken up now.

Then the office bearers went to Telephone House and met ED and GM Finance. Requested ED to arrange for relief of staff already posted for Pension cell and to approve allotment of additional space. He readily agreed. GM Finance said that all the pension files of retirees upto 31/12/2006 will be sent to CCA by 29/02/2016.


                              RTOWA wishes all the officers who have retired on 31/01/2016 a very very HAPPY, HEALTHY and PEACEFUL retired life.

                         Retirement is your chance to be true to your own self. It is an opportunity to pick up forgotten hobbies and nurture the little kid within you. After all, it’s never too late to start living the life that you have always wanted to. Start living cheerfully !


                           The Day long Dharna and hunger strike today at Telephone House by United Forum was successful.

Office bearers of all the constituent Unions and Associations gave spirited speech.

Shri. Bhai Jagtap MLC addressed the gathering.

Every one emphasised the need for unity and to strengthen the United Forum to face the challenges.

27/01/2016: MEETING WITH CCA:

Today the Office Bearers (B.R.Pathak, M.R.Dixit, J.B.Chilgar, and Gangopadhyay) had a meeting with CCA at 2 PM at Curry Road office.

The following issues were discussed.

1. Position regarding issue of PPOs:-           
Year      Total.        PPO
              Cases      Issued
1998              4                0
1999            95                5
2000           296             48
2001           462             63
2002           567          128
2003           580          108
2004           682          141
2005         1981          398            
Total         4667       891

2006         1782             0

We expressed our displeasure in slow progress.

2. Pension arrears:- 

CCA said payment of arrears to  those whose PPOs are ready will start from the first week of February 2016.

Arrear payment cases will be updated on MTNL Pension Portal from time to time.

CCA left the meeting abruptly due to our remarks conveying dissatisfaction. The other Officers continued the meeting.

Our further course of action will be decided in our next EC meeting.

22/01/2016 :-
                           RTOWA DELHI Conference and Open Session :-   Our Office Bearers (K. Jawahar, B.R.Pathak, J.B.Chilgar, S.V. Gajam, M.R.Dixit, Gangopadhyay and V.K.Bhatia) participated in the Conference and in open Session. We could discuss with Shri Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA and Shri A.K.Kaushik GS TEAM regarding 78.2% and future pension revision. We apprised Shri S.P. Purwar, Director (Fin) who was honourable guest, about delay in PPO issue and arrears  payment. Shri K. Jawahar and Shri B.R. Pathak addressed in the conference and in open Session.
                         After successful conclusion of Open House, election of office bearers was held. Shri M.K.Bagchi, Shri S.S. Nanda and P.S.Bhayanna were elected unanimously as President, GS, and Treasurer of RTOWA Delhi. The same body of office bearers and a few more EC members were elected unanimously. RTOWA Mumbai congratulates and wishes the new body to achieve success in all their endeavours.

                            Yesterday (21/01/2016) meeting of United Forum Mumbai was held at Telephone house. Shri. N. K. Verma and Shri Bargaje, EC members represented RTOWA Mumbai.

                      Arrangements for the proposed Hunger Strike and day long Dharna on 29/01/2016 at Telephone House was discussed.

                 Today the Office Bearers (K. Jawahar, B.R. Pathak, J.B. Chilgar, S.V. Gajam, M.R. Dixit, V.K.Bhatia and Gangopadhyay) met Smt. Annie Moraes Member (Fin) at Sanchar Bhavan, DoT Office New Delhi.

                 We told her about non payment of pension revision arrears by CCA Mumbai. We brought to her notice about slow progress of PPO preparation work and CCA' s reluctance to send the new PPOs of pre 01/04/2014 pensioners by post to outstation pensioners.

              After lengthy discussions she declined to commit any target date for payment of arrears.  She also declined for interim payment of 90% of arrears.

However she assured the following: -
1. Member (Fin) will monitor the Payment of Arrears work and Preparation of PPO work on weekly basis.

2. Early payment of arrears on a staggered manner will be ensured. The modalities will be decided in consultation with CCA Mumbai.

3. Sending PPO to outstation pensioners by post will be considered.

               Co-Ordination Committee Meeting of RTOWA Mumbai and RTOWA Delhi was held at Kidwai Bhavan Delhi today.

The present status of payment of arrears of Pension, and progress of PPO work at Mumbai and Delhi was discussed.

All options to exert pressure on CCA were discussed. RTOWA Mumbai will pursue these issues vigorously.

The present status of getting CGHS facility and 78.2% DA for revision of Pay/Pension was also discussed. Decided to make the United Forum's agitation of “Day long Dharna and Hunger-Strike on 29/01/2016" successful.



Retirement Pre 01/04/2014 :-

1. No. of PPOs issued upto 18/01/2016 : 930

2. Cases of wanting documents to be settled by MTNL: 1100 appx.

3. Files of 2006 retirees to be forwarded by MTNL: 900 appx.

Retirement on or after 01/04/2014 :-

Commutation and gratuity payments of retirees up to Nov'15 will

be paid this month.

Pension for Nov'15 retirees will start this month.

Med Save Insurance cards: Out of about 6600 applications about

4200 cards have been despatched.

Yesterday (18/01/2016) Office Bearers of RTOWA (K. Jawahar,

B. R. Pathak and M.R. Dixit) met ED Mumbai.

RTOWA requested him to
1. spare some more staff and space to CCA, as requested by CCA, immediately, to speed up the PPO work at CCA office,

2. insist CCA to process arrears payment to all pre 01/01/2007


3. favourably respond in the Board Meetings to the demand of

78.2% DA in revision of Pay and Pension on 01/01/2007

ED heard us intently and agreed to all our requests.

Then the Office Bearers of RTOWA (K. Jawahar, B. R. Pathak,

M.R. Dixit) met GM (Fin) MTNL Mumbai.

RTOWA requested him to

1. arrange for payment of arrears due to recalculation of pension

to 2006 retirees,

2. ensure forwarding of all the pension files of retirees up to

31/12/2006 within a target date,

3. arrange to clear back log of all the current year pension and

family pension cases.

GM (Fin) was very much positive. He assured that all the cases of

retirees up to 31/12/2006 will be sent to CCA by 10/02/2016.

G M (Fin) immediately directed the concerned section to ask for

funds of Rs.56 lakhs from Corporate Office to pay pension

recalculation arrears.

He also said that current year cases will be settled without delay.






EC Meeting was held on 18/01/2016:

Accounts of Nov'15 and Dec'15 were approved.

President K. Jawahar congratulated all EC Members for their efforts resulting in participation of large no. of our members in the Demonstration on 08/01/2006. He appealed to organise in similar way for the success of 29/01/2016 Dharna. List of 7 office bearers who will participate in the day long 'Fast' on 29/01/2016 was decided.

Sri. B. R. Pathak GS briefed about meetings with ED and GM (Fin).

The scheduled meeting with CCA on 07/01/2016 did not take place due to some genuine reasons on CCA side.

Members voiced their concern about abnormal delay in PPO work, backlog in current year pension cases and delay in payment of arrears.

After discussions it was decided to meet Member (Fin) at DoT and Director (Fin) at MTNL Corporate office, Delhi when office bearers go to Delhi to attend RTOWA Delhi conference.






                        The lunch hour demonstration by United Forum at Telephone House Prabhadevi was successful.  RTOWA Members attended in large number.Office bearers of constituent Unions and Associations and  Shri. B. R. Pathak, GS RTOWA, and Shri. K. Jawahar President RTOWA spoke on the issues. Shri.J.S.Yadav CS TEAM concluded the demonstration with an appeal to all to participate in Dharna on 29/01/2016.

                     After the demonstration the UF leaders met ED and gave a copy of letter addressed to DoT.



In the meeting of United Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations Mumbai, participated by Shri. S.V. Gajam Vice President and M.R. Dixit AGS RTOWA, it was decided to issue notice for Protest Action insisting the following demands :-

1. Fixation of Pay and Pension as on 01/01/2007 merging IDA at 78.2%,

2. Providing an opportunity to the pro-rata pensioners for exercising a fresh option,

3. Extending benefit of medical facilities under CGHS to the absorbees---working in MTNL or since retired.

Decided to follow the programme of Protest Action as decided by United Forum Delhi.

Accordingly the Notice dated 23/12/2015  for Protest Action was issued:-


08/01/2016 :- Lunch Hour Demonstration at Telephone House Prabhadevi

29/01/2016 :- Hunger Fast by Office Bearers and Dharna by All from 10 AM to 5 PM at Tel. House Prabhadevi.

All retired officers are requested to join the Agitations and make it a grand success.

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