In pursuit of 73.8% IDA benefit to all the pensioners retired prior to 01/01/2018, the following letter has been sent to Honourable PM.

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News on Moneycontrol today :

Comments of Key Ministries are awaited on the Cabinet Note regarding VRS and 4G.

"The Department of Telecom is learnt to have circulated a draft cabinet note for the allocation of 4G spectrum to BSNL and MTNL and implementation of a voluntary retirement scheme at the two loss-making telecom PSUs.

The department has sought comments of the key ministries on the proposals, an official source told PTI."

"The Department of Telecom has sent a draft cabinet note on 4G spectrum allocation to BSNL and MTNL and implementation of voluntary retirement scheme in these organisations. Comments from some of the key ministries are awaited," an official source told PTI.


RTOWA MUMBAI NEWS:                            


Today EC meeting of our Association was held. 

The present status of the following issues was discussed.


 1. Revision of Pension.

 2. 73.8% IDA in revision of pay/pension for those retired before 01/01/2018.

 3. Delay in drawal of pay arrears and revision of pension benefits of those retired from 01/01/2018 to 31/07/18.

 4. FMA

 5. Delay in payment of Leave encashment.

 6. Organisation :-

--Accounts for 2018-19 will be got audited and returns will be filed by due dates.

--Website "rtowambi.in" is to be enriched. 

--Membership enrolment drive will be undertaken.


Decided to pursue these issues vigorously. 


--K. Jawahar, President, RTOWA Mumbai.



UNITED FORUM MUMBAI has written to Secretary (T) DoT opposing proposed VRS  in BSNL/MTNL without giving importance to Revival Plans.

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--J.S.Yadav, Chairman UF.

--S.M.Sawant , Convenor UF.



[This is taken from the site of AIBSNLEA. Com Prahlad Rai convincingly dealt with the issue of VRS. This is quite relevant to MTNL situation. So we reproduce it here for the knowledge of MTNL employees.]

Why AIBSNLEA is opposing VRS ?

Dear Comrades, you are aware that DoT, under the instructions of PMO, has suddenly decided to roll out VRS Plan for BSNL/MTNL employees. BSNL Management has been assured that there will be no dearth the money to give effect to VRS proposal. Almost 54000 existing employees of BSNL are supposed to go out the roll of the BSNL on implementation of this VRS. This is done under the pretext of “Revival of BSNL/MTNL”.

You are also aware that all BSNL Unions and Associations barring a few,  have  decided collectively to oppose this move of the Government and  AIBSNLEA  is a party to this and accordingly Notice has been issued to the DoT/BSNL to hold protest demonstration on  12th April 2019.

The question is why have we taken such decision? Does it mean, we as Associations and Unions of BSNL do not have any concern for revival of BSNL from the on-going crisis? Or, is it that we are indifferent about the interests of the individual members?  It is to everybody’s knowledge that the Unions and Associations of BSNL are very responsible Trade Union organizations and interest of BSNL is prime in their minds. For last couple of years the Unions and Associations have been constantly fighting for uplift of BSNL in the arena of cut throat competition. We have resisted every move by the authority that be to inflict harm to BSNL directly or indirectly. Years before we have demanded to roll out 4G in BSNL to make it more competition fit. Other demands having financial implications e.g. payment of pension contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of pay scale have been demanded and pressed for by us. At the same time we have opposed the move of VRS even earlier. Why?

Association is aware that there may be individual members who, out of their own unique situation or personal financial equation may feel that VRS is up to his or her interest. AIBSNLEA is sensitive to the interests of individual members.

But we must understand that the issue like VRS at this crucial juncture cannot and should not be viewed through a narrow prism of individual gain or loss. We, the office-bearers at various levels must try to weigh it on broader perspective. BSNL should stay healthy. There are employees who have long service life left. They should not be sacrificed for short term gain.

Our Association is not opposed to VRS per se. We are aware that in PSU systems, VRS is an accepted proposition. We are also aware that in some organizations VRS is implemented to the advantage of the organizations and the employees have been benefited as well. It is a win win situation there. In these organizations where VRS is successfully implemented, the entire road map is carefully chalked out on long drawn perspective. VRS is planned 2-3 years before. The targeted employees are identified carefully, mapping the need of the field and the action for suitable replacement is initiated well in advance so that there is no shortage of man power.                                        

On the contrary, consider the case of MTNL where VRS has been implemented twice so far. But the net result is that MTNL became weaker and weaker at this. Now when DOT is proposing VRS in MTNL for the third time, MTNL is already experiencing acute shortage of working hands in the field units. The revenue hits at the lowest bottom. The strength of employees has been reduced   drastically and   so is the customer base and revenue earning. None in DOT/Govt is interested to look at it. It is as if, reducing the employees is their ultimate objective and not revival of MTNL.

For BSNL, VRS is being thought of only from one angle. Let the strength of the employees be reduced so that present wage bill is reduced. But there is no consideration about the resultant impact in the field units. We are certain that minimizing the working hands by applying mindless VRS without having any regard to its immediate retrograde impact in the field, cannot serve any meaningful purpose in the way of reviving of BSNL. It will go in MTNL way. One VRS will follow another VRS but crisis will continue. Unmindful reduction of staff will lead to a situation where offloading of day to day maintenance work will be assigned to the petty contractors. Cost will be enhanced but efficiency will be reduced resulting into steady loss of customers and revenue.



Meeting of the United Forum of Unions & Associations of MTNL Mumbai was held today at 1500 hrs to discuss and decide on Proposed VRS introduction in MTNL. It was Unanimously decided to oppose the move of management and stall the process until such time the 3rd PRC implementation. It was also decided unanimously that United Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations, Mumbai to issue letter in this regards in coordination with United Forum Delhi.


Today Mr. Bhadri Phatak, GS, RTOWA and Mr. K.P.Ravindra Kumar, AGS, RTOWA attended quarterly meeting with CGHS authorities at Churchgate Office at 14.30 hrs.

Following points were discussed:

    1.Permission for CGHS Dispensary at Thane Cherai received. To discuss agreement formalities with MTNL, CGHS authorities fixed meeting with ED, MTNL, Mumbai tomorrow. Since CGHS authorities expressed concern over MTNL's delay they have requested us to join them during the meeting. Shri. Ravindra Kumar will accompany CGHS team.

    2. In principle approval for opening Dispensaries at Kalyan and Borivali received from Director, CGHS Delhi. Borivali site was inspected by the CGHS team yesterday. Kalyan site was inspected already and several meetings with GM Kalyan were already held. Further process will be initiated shortly.

    3. CGHS received direct supply of medicines yesterday. This will be distributed to wellness centres in 2 days. This will reduce shortage of medicines in wellness centres. 

    4. Bills upto 31.12.2018 were cleared. Disposal will be streamlined to reduce delay.

    5. It was brought out that Doctors at CGHS are not writing prescription or giving advice on frequency of medicine. After discussion AD directed that proper prescription to be issued wherever it is not  possible to issue print out. Beneficiaries were requested to get clarifications on dosages from Doctors before leaving.

    6. It was brought to the notice that there are lot of delay in issuing medicines through Local Purchase. AD instructed Doctors to give permission to purchase medicines from local market and allow reimbursement wherever delay in supply is expected. Beneficiaries are requested to get reference to this effect from consulting CGHS Doctors.

    7) Ayurvedic facility at these points were requested. Since not much response to Ayurvedic treatment and shortage of Ayurvedic Doctors at CGHS facility can't be extended to other centres. Those interested in Ayurvedic treatment may go to Sion Koliwada dispensary /Polyclinic.

Meeting concluded at 16.00 hours. 




(Extracts of discussions on common issues of pensioners of BSNL and MTNL)

Yesterday (04-04-2019) , I met Smt. Anuradha Mitra , Member (F) at BANGALORE in the

office of CCA Karnataka.

Grant of minimum Pension of 9000/-:-

She told that for this a policy decision has to be taken.

We requested her to do whatever is required from her side.

Finally I requested her to take initiative to solve our PENSION REVISION issue from

01/01/2017. She told that this is in the domain of Member (S). When she was mentioning that

DOP&PW has not taken any decision still , I explained the actual position and made over the

copies of our  letters to Secretary , Pension on 14-12-2018, to JS , Pension on 12-02-2019 and

DOP&PW letter to DOT on 08-03-2019.

We made out a point that DOT Establishment section is not taking the required action. In

DOT, if anyone feels   that  the hike given to us at the time of absorption and according to

2nd PRC is  to be adjusted in future revisions , we will not allow it.

At the end, we requested her to take the initiative as the CUSTODIAN of BSNL/MTNL

Pensioners in DOT and sort out our PENSION REVISION issue at the earliest.

--P Gangadhara Rao GS AIBSNL PWA.


For information to all CGHS members:

It is learnt that Permission for Thane CGHS dispensary has been received from Health Ministry. CGHS will undertake subsequent activity of signing contract and related activity shortly.

Proposal in respect of CGHS dispensaries at Kalyan and Borivali are under active consideration.



Life certificate due in April-2019:

The following pensioners are requested to give Life certificate in the month of April-2019.

1) Pensioners retired in the month of April in any year.

2) Direct Family pensioners, whose spouse expired in April any year while in service.

3) Converted Family pensioners whose spouse pensioner retired in April any year. 

AO PDA says SMS has been given to all the above pensioners to give life certificate in April-2019.

The usual life certificate procedure is to be followed.

Those retired on VRS on 01/04/2006, the life certificate due month is March every year.



IDA increased by 2.6% (from 138.8% to 141.4%) w.e.f. 01.04.2019. 

Consumer price Indexes:  Dec-2018=301, Jan-2019=307 and Feb-2019=307


CBMPA Members met DoT officers in Sanchar Bhawan on 28/03/2019.

As intimated earlier and as a follow up action Coms. M K Bagchi, Anupam Kaul and SS Nanda met Member (S) and DDG (Estt.) Yesterday and handed over a copy of short and crisp letter addressed to Secretary (T) regarding the communication from pension department and requested them to send a concrete proposal to that department early.

Our leaders got the information that Secretary (T) has sought a 'Note' from Additional Secretary (T) on the issue of pension revision. They also got the information that the 'Note' is ready.

Our leaders could not meet Secretary (T) as she was out of station and could not meet Additional Secretary (T) also as he was otherwise busy.

Our leaders shall continue their efforts in the coming weeks.

--P Gangadhar Rao, GS AIBSNL PWA.



Recovery of Income Tax from Pension of February 2019:

The issue was discussed with AO PDA.

There was some glitch in the system. Due to that Income Tax (FY 2018-19) was not recovered in the pension for February-2019.

This short recovery of tax for FY 2018-19 has been recovered in the pension for March-2019. This amount is shown as "Revoveries" in the details of pension for March-2019.

Tax for FY 2019-20 also has been recovered in the pension for March-2019. This amount has been shown under Income Tax in the details for pension for March-2019.

Details of pension drawn for March-2019 are available at pensioners portal "pensioner.mtnl.in


Pursuit of 5% IDA neutralisation issue:-

RTOWA, Delhi meets DOT officials to sort out the issue of non- issue of order to 

implement 5% DA neutralization w.e.f  01/01/2007.


S/Shri M.K.Bagchi, President, RTOWA/Delhi and S.S. Nanda, General Secretary, 

RTOWA/Delhi have met Member Technology who is also presently holding the charge of 

Member (Services) and DDG(Est.) today ( 28/03/2019) to discuss about the long pending 

issue of non-implementation of 5% DA neutralization (Effecting 73.8% in total) for the 

eligible pensioners of MTNL w.e.f. 01/01/2007. 


To this, DDG(Est.) explains that there appears to be gap/discrepancy in the data sent by 

MTNL. The reconciliation of data needs to be done before taking up this matter with IFD of 

DOT. He also informs that some progress has been made recently but still something more 

needs to be done.


General Secretary clarifies that the association has tried its level best to see that the hitch, if

any, between MTNL and DoT in this respect is removed. It has made it possible to hold 

discussion between the concerned officials of MTNL and DOT. But it is frustrating that even 

then DOT is not in a position to issue the order. 

President stated that the excuse like non-reconciliation of data is preventing DOT to issue the order is not acceptable. Such reconciliation between MTNL and DOT is for everything that DOT pays for the pensioners. Even the payment of pension each month needs reconciliation of payable liabilities. But for this, the payment of pension is not held up. Such reconciliation is a continuous process and it involves so many liabilities discharged either by DOT or MTNL from time to time. It is not correct to pick up one issue like DA neutralization to meet that score. It is now long 7 months since the working employees have received payment but the pensioners have been denied.

Ultimately DDG(Est) assures in presence of Member (services) that he will sit with the 

concerned Director and personally look into this matter with urgent note and settle this 

issue soon. 

Hopefully, this issue will be settled now without further delay. We have thanked Member (Services) and DDG (Est,) in anticipation.




Pension Adalat was held today (27/03/2019). Sri.S.M.Sawant Convenor United Forum and GS MPWA attended the Adalat.  

He requested CCA for further improvement in settlement of pensionary benefits and preparation of PPO.

Out of 36 cases referred to Adalat 32 cases were settled.



Today CBMPA members Coms. M K Bagchi , Anupamkaul and SS Nanda met Officers in Pension Department and enquired about the position on PENSION REVISION.

They were informed that DOT has not yet replied to their communication dated. 14/01/2019.

Further they were informed that another letter was sent to DOT on 08/03/2019 in which they have once again asked for reply to their communication dated. 14/01/2019. In addition they have attached our letter dated 12/02/2019 addressed to Secretary, DOP&PW and sought comments of DOT on that . The copy of that letter dated 08/03/2019 was endorsed to Convener, CBMPA.

The same is exhibited HERE.

Our leaders in Delhi will take follow up action in Sanchar Bhavan.


--P Gangadhara Rao, Convener, CBMPA.



Staggering of Life Certificate :-

The following new procedure begins from 01/04/2019 as per the Circular issued by AO PDA.

 1. Life Certificate Due Month :- Month of retirement is the LCD month for  Pensioners  (Superannuation and VR) and converted Family Pensioners. 

 2. Month of death of employee is the  LCD Month for direct Family Pensioners.(due to death of employee while in service)

 3. However the LCD month is not rigid. In other words the LC is required to be given before the lapse of validity (12 months) of previous LC.

 4  LC is required to be given by 15th of the LCD Month.

 5. The validity of life certificate is 12 months. For example LC given during November-2018 is valid upto 31/10/2019. 

 6. The year 2019 is the transition year to new procedure. 

 So in this transition year the procedure is as under :- 

 7. If the LCD Month is any month from April to October, the LC may be given by 15th of LCD Month or by 31/10/2019.

 8. If the LCD Month is any month from November to March (except retirees from November-2018 to March-2019) then LC should be given by 15th November-2019 and thereafter by 15th of LCD Month.

 9. The above implies that the pensioner retired in December-2018 is required to give LC by 15/11/2019 and again by 15/12/2019. However Pension will be drawn if the validity (12 months) of the last LC is not lapsed. 

Please CLICK HERE to view the Circular issued by AO PDA.



In pursuit of 5% IDA neutralisation to the pensioners retired before 01/01/2018, a letter has been addressed to Honourable MOC.

Please CLICK HERE to see the letter.


News in Quint.Com:

 Telecom Minister Shri Manoj Sinha on Tuesday(12/03/2019) met Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and is understood to have sought funds amounting to over Rs 1,000 crore for salary payments to cash-strapped MTNL till June this year.

Sinha was accompanied by Telecom Secretary Mrs. Aruna Sundararajan and MTNL Chairman and MD Mr, Praveen Kumar Purwar to the meeting.

Sinha, Sundararajan and Purwar declined to comment on the purpose of their meeting. However, MTNL sources said the meeting took up the sector's concerns.

MTNL share price is down by 2.51 per cent at Rs 13.60. The PSU is under intense pressure over high comeptition, lack of funds and revenues. Its net worth has turned negative. MTNL operates in Delhi and Mumbai.

Sources said MTNL is not in a position to pay salaries any further. The Department of Telecom has been paying the salaries amounting to around Rs 200 crore a month since November last year.

The funds sought from the Finance Ministry would cover MTNL's wage bill till June or completion of polls. MTNL, which operates only in Delhi and Mumbai and expects that these measures will help the company in doing away with debt to the tune of around Rs 19,000 crore. The revenue to wage ratio in case of MTNL has swelled to 90 per cent.

In January, MTNL had sought Rs 500 crore from DoT to pay January salary by raising pending dues for the period 2000-13.

MTNL has sought financial support, 4G spectrum and approvals for asset sales as part of its revival plan. It has pleaded for a refund of interest that it paid for broadband wireless access spectrum which it had returned to the government.

DoT had returned MTNL's loans taken for the purpose on the principal amount while withholding the interests.

The PSU has also sought permission to monetise their land assets as well as the voluntary retirement scheme for employees on the Gujarat model costing Rs 2,120 crore.

MTNL's December-quarter loss widened to Rs 832.26 crore. Total income of the Telecom PSU stood at Rs 692.42 crore, 18.7 per cent lower than Rs 852.64 crore notched in the corresponding period of the previous year.

Total expenses climbed to Rs 1,524.6 crore as against Rs 1,491.6 crore in the year-ago quarter.



          There is a report in certain press that Hon’ble Minister of State ( C ) has met Shri Arun Jetley, Hon’ble Minister ( Finance ) and pleaded for grant of Rs 1000 Crores for the purpose

of payment of salary of MTNL employees. This amount, it is felt, is just sufficient to enable

MTNL to pay the salary of the employees of MTNL till June,2019 when new Government

would take over the rein of the country.

         It is reported that Smt. Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary ( C )/ DOT and Shri P.K.Purwar, CMD/ MTNL accompanied Hon’ble MOS( C ). It is not clear yet whether the result is in positive.

         To start with, we hail heartily the initiative taken by our Minister. It is heartening to know that DOT/ Communication Ministry have come forward for the rescue of the employees.

This is   what MTNL employees were crying for so long and so desperately.

       But it is needlessly to state that MTNL employees will be more immensely obliged to Hon’ble  MOS ( C ) and DOT if something more concrete and more effective is done to put MTNL back on to track. MTNL employees are determined to work hard to see their MTNL to be back on viable and vibrating mode. They wish to see that their MTNL is driven hard by really dedicated management with strong supports of funds to invest in rejuvenating its basic network in the field and in cutting age technology.

      NITI Aayog is often in report to suggest that MTNL has finally failed and its burial is due. By doing so it only adds to the confusion and misery of MTNL employees. We simply don’t

understand what message NITI Aayog wants to convey and in whose interests by way of

making such speculations/ assertions. If NITI Aayog is prompted to promote the interests of

certain favoured private player in telecom, it can do so but definitely not at the cost of MTNL and its employees.

      MTNL employees need to be more assertive to defeat the ill-design of NITI Aayog. Time has

come for both MTNL and BSNL employees to join together to safeguard the interests of MTNL/BSNL Customers and Employees.

--M.K. Bagchi Convenor United Forum of MTNL Delhi.



United Forum Mumbai has written the following two letters.

 1) One letter dated 07/03/2019 addressed to ED intimating that "SAMPARK ABHIYAN" will be conducted at all the offices of MTNL from 07/03/2019 onwards to apprise the employees about present status of MTNL. 

To view the letter please click the links below.


  2) Another letter dated 08/03/2019 addressed to DoT stating that if regular arrangement for salary payment is not done the DoT recruited employees may be repatriated to DoT.

To view the letter please click the following links.

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In pursuit of 5% IDA neutralisation benefit to the pensioners retired before 01/01/2018, RTOWA Mumbai has written a letter dated 07/03/2019 to Secretary (T) DoT. 

Please  click the following links to view the letter.

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Meeting of United Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations, Delhi on 6th. March, 2019.

United Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations met on 2/3/2019 to review the ongoing situation in and around MTNL focusing mainly on the development arisen out of non-payment of salary to the employees regularly on the scheduled payment day since November, 2019. It is apparent that the stated position of MTNL at present is closed to “payable when able” sort of situation. The top management of MTNL is very candid to state that they have no clue when   such   insecurity or uncertainty will end.

If CMD is to be believed, the crisis has been created because Banks have refused to give loan and, as per CMD, but for loan, it is not possible to pay salary on regular basis.

DOT is not as forthcoming as it should be to bail out MTNL by way of arranging and providing funds. DOT talks about revival plan which is presently pending almost at the initial stage. It is unlikely that the revival plan will see the daylight during the remaining period of the present political dispensation.

It is also taken into cognizance that the officers at very senior levels who mostly belong to ITS cadre of DOT and presently working in MTNL on deputation basis, have already preferred to apply to DOT for their repatriation to DOT in view of such situation.

Under the aforesaid backdrop various participants discussed thoroughly about this issue so as to suggest some means to way forward. The following decisions have been taken:-

  • UF should write to Shri Nripendra  Misra, Principal Secretary to Prime Minister with detailed account of prevailing situation of MTNL and distress of its employees and seeking an appointment to apprise him in person.


  • UF and its affiliates including those of pensioners will hold LUNCH HOUR DEMONSTRATION on 14.3.2019 in front of MTNL Corporate Office, CGO, Delhi.
  • Keeping in view that BSNL is also currently facing similar situation, efforts should be taken to launch joint movement with our counterparts in BSNL to press for the issues like Job/Pay Security, Pay Revision and Pension Revision.

 Other Decisions :

  • 1) It is reiterated that we shall continue to pursue more vigorously the issue of fresh option for the optees of Pro-rata Pension and implementation of merger of DA w.e.f. 1/1/2007 @ 78.2%.


  • UF, Delhi has endorsed the proposal of UF, Mumbai to coopt Shri A.K.Kaushik as the Convener of the Apex Body of UF, Delhi & Mumbai. Apex Body is supposed to hold common meeting of UF Delhi And UF Mumbai at the convenient time to fill other posts of Apex Body.
  Meeting ends with vote of thanks. 


Today We (K.Jawahar, B.R.Pathak, J.S.Yadav, K.P.Ravindrakumar) met Sri.Pravin Punj ED Mumbai. We requested him to cancel the orders of shifting of MTNL Nodal Pension section at Currey Road premises to Telephone House.We pointed out that both Pension Sections (CCA as well as MTNL) must be at same place for better coordination and to avoid delays in transmission of records. ED agreed to cancel the orders. A letter has been given to ED in this regard.

Please CLICK HERE to view the letter to ED.

We met GM Finance also. DGM(FC) was also there.We requested him too to cancel the orders of shifting.

We requested him to revamp the procedures for asking funds from Corporate Office for leave encashment. The issue was discussed at length. We pointed out that by asking for funds in the same month of retirement, the delay in payment of leave encashment will be reduced by one month. GM Finance agreed to consider our proposal. Also we requested him to ask for funds for payment of salary arrears to those retired from 01/01/2018 to 31/07/2018 due to 5% neutralisation of IDA. GM Finance agreed.

--K. Jawahar, President.



Shri S. S. Nanda GS and Shri R. K. Mudgal AGS met Diector.(Estt.) to pursue and discuss the following issues of the pensioners:

5% IDA neutralisation :- Association representatives managed to have telephonic discussion of Dir.(Estt.) with CAO(FMS) to clear his doubts on the report sent by MTNL corporate office. In the long discussion, some of the doubts were cleared but still a personal meeting is required to process the said issue. In spite of her ill health, CAO(FMS) agreed for the meeting for detailed discussion in the next week.

Reply of DoT in reference to the letter of DOP&PW on the issue of pension revision :- Dir./DDG(Estt.) told that the case has already been put up to the higher ups along with the existing rules position on the subject. The decision in the matter is still awaited. They also said that existing pension rules needs to be modified for delinking the pension revision from the pay revision and it is not in their purview.

Reply of DoT in reference to the clarification asked by CCA office regarding FMA :- Association representatives requested ADG(PAT)/Dir.(Estt.) to reply the query of CCA office on the subject. They told that the case has been put up to the DDG(Estt.) with a positive note. ADG(PAT) said that shortly the reply will be sent to CCA office.




Sh. S.S.Nanda, G/S & Sh. R.K.Mudgal, AGS met CMD MTNL and congratulated him for his selection as CMD BSNL. He thanked RTOWA for the support. 

CMD assured to talk to the concerned officers of DoT regarding 5% IDA neutralization to all MTNL pensioners retired before 01-Jan-2018 and also to clear the issue of FMA. 


Then Association representatives met Jt. CCA to discuss about the status of payment of FMA cases. She told that before making the said payment, CCA wants some more clarifications from the concerned unit of DoT. She requested to wait till the matter is clarified by DoT.

----------- -----------------

Association representatives then discussed the matter of FMA with ADG(PAT) DoT and discussed about the clarification asked by CCA office.  He assured to reply the query of CCA Office at the earliest.


Association representatives met GM(F), MTNL corporate office and requested him to send DGM /CAO(FMS) to DoT to clarify the 5% IDA neutralisation liability calculations sent by MTNL GM(F) assured to arrange a meeting of MTNL CAO(FMS) with DoT officers in the next week .

Regarding the delay in payment of terminal benefits to the current year retirees, he said that it is due to non-availability of funds and MTNL CO is trying to arrange funds and assured to make the said payments on priority.


--RTOWA Delhi.


News from Coordination Committee of RTOWA,Delhi and Mumbai:

The AUAB representing the BSNL employees has been pushed to the wall to go on three days strike w.e.f. 18th Feb,2019 for their reasonable demands.

A consensus could be arrived at on all their demands. 

The Coordination Committee of RTOWA,Delhi and RTOWA,Mumbai appeals to the management of DOT to accept the demands of AUAB in the interest of BSNL and the Nation.    

MTNL pensioners of Delhi and Mumbai are in solidarity with BSNL Employees.    

--K.Jawahar, Chairman,

--S.S.Nanda Convenor.



CBMPA has written to DOP&PW regarding Pension Revision of BSNL and MTNL Pensioners. 

Please see the letter below.

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United Forum Mumbai:

Successful demonstration took place today during lunch hour.  About 600 employees and pensioners participated with enthusiasm. 

Shradhanjali was done to the martyrs of Pulawama terrorist attack.

Slogans were raised with enthusiasm.

Sri. Bhai Jagtap Chairman of Apex body of United Forum delivered an inspiring speech.

He said that the designs of the Government and management to weaken MTNL will be defeated by the employees. Demands of Revision of Pay / Pension will be achieved with MTNL's revival, similar to the achievement of Pension issue.

The other speakers were Sri. Gulab Yadav, Sri. Chakravarty, 

Smt. Jyoti sonawdeker,Sri.Pradeep Salve and Sri.J.S. Yadav.

The demonstration and meeting were well conducted by Sri. R.G.Choube.

Sri. S. M. Sawant gave vote of thanks. 

The meeting ended with National Anthem.  

--J.S.Yadav Chairman,

--S.M.Sawant Convenor.

Click here for the photos.


PENSION ADALAT:                

CCA Mumbai is convening Pension Adalat on 27/03/2019. 

Grievance should be wtitten in the proforma and should reach CCA Office at Currey Road Exchange by 20/02/2019.

Those who have any grievance may write to Pension Adalat immediately. 

Any grievance relating to delay in payment of pensionary benefits, corrections nedded in PPO, name of dependant other than the spouse not written on PPO for Family Pension etc. may be taken up in Pension Adalat.

Pensioners retired during 01/01/2018 to 31/07/2018 may write to Pension Adalat regarding Non Payment of pensionary benefits due to merger of 5% IDA.

Please Click the following LINKS to view the letter and Proforma.





Sh. S.S.Nanda, G/S & Sh. R.K.Mudgal, AGS discussed with Dir (Estt.) DOT about the status of 5% IDA neutralisation for the pensioners, retired before January- 2018. 

He told that there are some points which need to be clarified by the MTNL officers who have prepared the report of financial liability of DoT & MTNL on the subject.

Association Representatives then talked to GM (Fin.) corporate office and requested him to send DGM/CAO (FMS) to DoT to clarify the doubts of the concerned officers of DoT, dealing with the said case. 

GM (Fin.) agreed on the proposal of the association representatives. Association Representatives also talked to CAO (FMS) and briefed her about our discussions with Dir (Estt.) & GM (Fin). She said that in the next week she will be available for the meeting with DoT officers to clarify the things on the subject.

Association Representatives will help in arranging the meeting.




Today  RTOWA and MPWA met Smt. Vibha Gohil, CCA Mumbai at her office at CTO Building. (Now the office has been shifted from Juhudanda to CTO Bldg. Churchgate).


The following issues were discussed.

 1. Delay in payment of pensionary benefits on superannuation.

 2.Abnormal delay in settlement of pensionary benefits of Retirees on voluntary retirement.

 3.Delay in issue of PPOs.


CCA listened to us  and said that continuous efforts are made for prompt payment of pensionary benefits and to issue PPO in time.

 4. Revised procedure for life certificate.


CCA said that the staggering of Life Certificate will be implemented from 01/04/2019..Orders will be issued soon.

 5. FMA:-

CCA said that those who get pension on IDA are not eligible for FMA as per DoT's orders. We requested her to give a copy of that order.


This is pension system developed by DOT for BSNL Pensioners. We requested CCA to adopt SAMPAAN for MTNL Pensioners also instead of depending upon MTNL system.

CCA said that this suggestion will be examined after implementation of SAMPAAN for BSNL Pensioners of Maharashtra Circle.

 7. Recalculation of pensionary benefits of those retired from 01/01/2018 to 31/07/2018.

We requested to speed up this work on receipt of the cases from MTNL. CCA noted down our request.

We thanked CCA and Staff for prompt payment of pension every month.

The following participated in the meeting and discussions.

RTOWA :- S/Shri. K. Jawahar, B.R.Pathak, J.S.Yadav, Virendra Singh and  K.P. Ravindrakumar

MPWA :- S/Shri. S. M. Sawant and Kishor Haldankar.


News from TEAM CHQ:

TEAM representatives Sh. S.P.S.Yadav, CS, Delhi, Sh. K.R.Yadav CP, Delhi and Sh. Ajay Kumar CFS under leadership of Sh. Rajeeb Kumar Acting GS  met with Sh. Khandelwal Joint Secy. Admin at DOT on 11.02.2019 at Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi.

The anger and distress of executives /employees of MTNL were communicated to him over non-payment of salary for the month of January-2019. We asked him what action DOT is taking at this need of hour for saving MTNL. He preciously described that the revival plan submitted by MTNL is in active consideration of DOT and after finalization it will be sent to Government for final decision.

As far as salary disbursement is concerned, he told that dues of DOT are being cleared by its concerned wing and sanction is likely to be cleared very shortly. Furthermore, he asked us that MTNL may ask Govt. for returning its money which was given to M/S ITI along with its interest and likewise the payment of dues from various Govt. Departments so that the expenditure of salary may be done until the revival plan is being sanctioned.

We have communicated him that executives/employees of MTNL will not sit tight and silent if DOT is not taking proper care of them as we have been recruited by DOT only and DOT cannot be just silent looker of this situation.


RTOWA MUMBAI NEWS:                           

The monthly Executive Committee meeting of our Association was held on 07/02/2019.

President,GS and Jt. GS apprised the EC about their Delhi trip. 

Decided to support the employees whole heartedly in all their efforts regarding Salary payment.

Decided to continue the efforts to exert political pressures for revision of pension of MTNL and BSNL Pensioners.

Decided to participate in the Post Card Campaign launched by CBMPA all over India for Revision of pension.

Decided to vigorously pursue the issue of benefit of 5% IDA to pensioners retired before 01/01/2018.



The future of the families of 1.70 lakh BSNL employees is in dark - AUAB calls upon  to organise “Rallies With Family Members” on 15-02-2019. 


          The future of the families of the 1.70 lakh BSNL employees is in dark. The government wants to kill BSNL. It does not want BSNL to compete on equal footing with Reliance Jio. So, it does not want to allot 4G spectrum to BSNL. It does not want to allow BSNL to generate revenues from its vacant lands. It does not even want BSNL to get bank loans, while the private telecom companies, including Reliance Jio, are taking lakhs of crores of rupees as loans from government banks. It is doing everything to starve the families of the employees, by seeing to it that the employees do not get their salaries in the days to come. It wants to reduce the retirement age of the employees from 60 to 58. It is doing everything to create panic among the employees and thereby, compelling them to take VRS and go home. According to Modi government, Reliance Jio is the government company and not BSNL. The government is doing everything to promote Reliance Jio. The Indian Railways has dumped the Public Sector BSNL and has taken connections from Reliance Jio. What a shame? Who is behind this decision? We shall not allow this injustice. Come on comrades! Let us stand up and fight against the conspiracies of the government, aimed at finishing off BSNL. The people are the real owners of this great BSNL. They are our masters. Let us go to the people of this country and seek their support to save BSNL. It is the people who finally win. The AUAB has called upon the employees to organise “Rallies With Family Members”  on 15-02-2019. BSNLEU calls upon the circle and district unions to take all out steps to make the rallies a historic success. BSNLEU calls upon each and employee not to feel shy of bringing their families to the streets on 15-02-2019. 

 -P.Abhimanyu,GS BSNLEU.



Due to our meeting with GM (Fin) CO, GM (HR),  and Dir(Fin) and other officers during our stay at Delhi last week, orders have been issued for drawal of pay arrears, recalculation  of pensionary benefits to those retired from 01/01/2018 to 31/07/2018. 

Yesterday (08/02/19) RTOWA discussed this  issue with DGM (FC) and DGM (FMS) to find out when payment will be made and following information gathered.

    1.Funds for payment of salary arrears is required.

    2.Unless Salary arrears is drawn system will not generate revised LPC.

    3.Revised LPC and some modification is required to recalculate pensionary benefits.

 RTOWA is continuously pursuing these issues.

Please CLICK HERE to view the letter.



About 2000 Pensioners of BSNL and MTNL held a massive Rally at New Delhi today the 8th Feb 2019 under the banner of Committee Of BSNL & MTNL Pensioners Association (CBMPA) on the single issue of Pension Revision with 7th CPC Fitment Formula. All the constituents of CBMPA participated in the Rally. Our comrades from adjoining circles and NCR were present in great strength.
The rally started from BSNL HQ/Khursheed lal Bhawan accompanied by strong contingent of Police Force.Roaring slogans were raised by the participants in favour of their just demand.

Rally was stopped at Jantar Mantar by police. Leaders of CBMPA and working Associations addressed the participants and apprised them of the latest developments and efforts of CBMPA on the issue.The contents of the memorandum were read out to the participants. Four representatives of CBMPA were escorted to Sanchar Bhawan by the police personnel. The Memorandum was submitted to Secretary Telecom through her OSD and PPS. The Memorandum was submitted by com M K Bagchi, Com S S Nanda, Com Prahlad Rai and Com Anupam kaul.
Com M K Bagchi, Com S S Nanda, Com J. S. Dahiya,Com R k Mudgal, Com Prahlad Rai,Com Kishan Singh,Com R P Sharma,Com Sunil Kumar (MTNLEA),Com K R Yadav(TEAM),Com ArvindDahiya(SNEA),Com SukhvirSingh(MTNL M S), ComRaviKumar(AIBSNLEA) and others addressed the gathering.

Click Here to See Photos taken during the Rally.


News from United Forum Mumbai:
A successful demonstration was held today (07/02/2019) at Telephone House condemning the delay in payment of salary for January-2019. Slogans were raised with enthusiasm. Speeches were given by S/Sri. B.R.Pathak,  R.R.Yadav, Sankpal, Jyoti Sonawadekar, P. Salve, K. Jawahar, and J.S.Yadav.
After the demonstration all active members met ED and submitted memorandum. Good interaction took place. ED said that he will convey the anger of the employees to CMD.  
United Forum informed ED that the agitation will be intensified if a permanent solution regarding salary payment is not arrived at by Monday.
News from AI BSNL PWA  :-
Today a delegation consisting of Coms. D Gopalakrishnan, VP, CHQ, V Ramarao, Circle President, S Sampath Kumar, ACS and R Ranganathan, District. President, Chennai Traffic District met 
Shri La. Ganesan, Ex-MP and National Executive Member of BJP and presented a memorandum. They explained the demand of pension revision due from 01/01/2017 with 7th CPC fitment factor. He gave a patient hearing and assured to do the needful. Immediately he asked his PA to draft a letter to Shri Manoj Sinhaji. That letter was sent and  a copy endorsed to us. 
--D. Gopalakrishnan VP CHQ AIBSNL PWA.


In the meeting of CBMPA (Committee of BSNL and MTNL Pensioners' Association) held on 29/01/2019 the following two decisions were taken to exert pressure on Government for Revision of Pension of BSNL / MTNL Pensioners wef 01/01/2017 as per 7th CPC.

 1. Massive rally to Sanchar Bhavan at Delhi on 08/02/2019 and submission of memorandum addressed to PM.


 All BSNL and MTNL Pensioners to send post card addressed to PM by 09/02/2019.




All pensioners are requested to buy a Post Card, write the following text and post it to Prime Minister by 09/02/2019.


TEXT to write on Post card.



Sh. Narendra Modiji,

Honourable Prime Minister of India,




I joined Central Govt. service in DOT but retired from MTNL.

Revision of my Pension is due from 01-01-2017 after 10 years. Please arrange to revise my pension as per 7th CPC fitment formula.



Name ……………………………………..

( Pensioner MTNL Mumbai)




Post card shall be addressed to:


Shri Narendra Modiji,

Prime Minister of India,

South Block,

New Delhi 110001.


Text in Hindi :-


आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्रीजी, 


*मै भारत सरकारके दूरसंचार विभागमे सरकारी सेवाकी शुरूवात की लेकीन एमटीएनएल से सेवानिवृत्त हूआ। मेरा पेन्शन 10 वर्षके बाद 01/01/2017 से रिविजन होनी है।               आपसे दरख्वास्त है की 7 वे वेतन आयोगके अनूसार मेरा पेन्शन 01/01/2017 से रिवाईज करनेके आदेश सम्भधीत विभाग को देनेकी कृपा करे।*  


आपका भवदिय ,



एमटीएनएल पेन्शनर्स- 



CBMPA meeting on 01/02/2019:

Com. P Gangadhara Rao, Convener conducted the meeting at 11-30am. Following members attended.

Coms. M.K. Bagchi , Anupamkaul ,  S.S. Nanda , M.K. Mudgal , T.K Jawahar , J.S. Yadav , S.M. Sawant and Kishor Haldankar. 

Decisions taken:-

1) Each Constituent should ensure that POST CARD campaign is done by every member.

2)  Delhi Comrades should conduct MASSIVE RALLY with maximum participation on 08/02/2019.

3). AIBSNLPWA should arrange to mobilize maximum number of members from near by Branches and make the RALLY program a grand success.

Strengthen the hands of CBMPA by conducting each and every program whole - heartedly to achieve our legitimate demand.

Meeting ended with vote of thanks.

--P Gangadhara Rao Convener, CBMPA.



Meeting with CMD:

Today we (K. Jawahar President, B.R.Pathak GS, J.S.Yadav Jt.GS and  Kishor Haldankar AGS of MPWA) met Sri. P.K.Purwar CMD at Corporate office Delhi. 

We congratulated him on his selection as CMD BSNL (the present CMD BSNL retires on 30/06/2019). We requested him to strive for merger of MTNL and BSNL in the interest of Nation, in the interest of Telecom Sector and in the interest of employees. 

We also requested him to issue orders immediately for drawal of pay arrears and recalculation of pensionary benefits of those retired from 01/01/2018 to 31/07/2018 with 5% addl. IDA benefit in revision of pay.  Orders are likely to be issued within a few days.



Committee of BSNL/MTNL Pensioners’ Associations met in a crucial meeting at Delhi today to review the status of our demand of Revision of Pension in BSNL and MTNL with Seventh CPC fitment and chalk out further courses of action thereto.

Com. Gangadhara Rao, Convenor presided over the meeting. The following members representing the various constituents have attended the meeting:

S/Shri Rajendra Prasad, Prahlad Rai, Kisan Singh, Anupam Kaul, M.K.Bagchi, S.S.Nanda, R.K.Mudgal, K.Jawahar, Badri Pathak, J.S.Yadav, Kishor Haldankar,and R.P.Sharma.

At the outset, Convenor thanked all members for attending this meeting with short notice. He recalled that the first meeting of CBMPA was held on 21/11/2018 in Delhi. Within this short intervening period there have been lots of developments and hectic persuasions at various levels. But still we have miles to go to reach the goal, thanks to the reluctant and negative attitudes of some important officers in DOT.

All members have taken active participation in the discussion. Among various opinions / observations expressed, one point has emerged as common and that is DOT is not alive to the assurance given by MOSC regarding delinking the Revision of Pension from Revision of Pay. It is clearly apparent that even the positive and proactive approach of DOP&PW is blunted by the inept handling of the issue by the concerned officers of DOT.

CBMPA has noted with satisfaction that AUAB and their agitation has highlighted the issue of pension revision among other matters and hoped that they would continue to do so in future.

The important decisions taken in the meeting are given below:

Decisions taken in the meeting of CBMPA held at Delhi on 29/1/2019.

1) Convenor and other members will approach the AUAB leaders and request them to strongly persuade with Additional Secretary (T) in the meeting to be held on 30/1/2019 for implementing the Policy Decision taken by MOSC to de-link pension revision from pay revision by resubmitting the file with a concrete and comprehensive proposal to DOP&PW.

2) Convenor has reiterated our earlier decision to contact important political personalities throughout India to take up with the Government of India regarding Pension Revision in BSNL/MTNL with Seventh CPC fitment.

3) Post Card campaign to Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister from 4/2/2019 to 9/2/2019 by every pensioner of BSNL and MTNL on the issue of revision of Govt. Pension in BSNL and MTNL.

4) A Massive Rally shall be organized at Delhi from BSNL Corporate Office to Sanchar Bhawan on 08/02/2019 (Friday) and submit Memorandum to MOSC/Secretary (T).

5) A suitably drafted letter should be addressed to Honourable Prime Minister highlighting the failure on the part of MOSC in dealing with the Pension Revision case as assured.

6) CBMPA expresses happiness to learn that DOT-BSNL Pensioners’ Association, Kerala has joined as Eighth constituent and has whole-heartedly welcomed this important development at this crucial juncture.

Convener and other members shall meet Secretary (T)/AST and present our case of Pension Revision with 7th CPC fitment and request DOT to send back the file to DOP&PW accordingly at the earliest.

--P.Gangadhara Rao, Convener.


News from RTOWA DELHI :

5% IDA Issue :- 

Today , Shri. S. S. Nanda G/S & Sh. R. K. Mudgal AGS met DGM(A/C's) & DGM(Pers) in Corporate office to pursue the issue of 5% IDA neutralisation.  

DGM(Pers) informed that the report about the information called by DoT has been sent to DoT today with CMD's approval. 

Then they met Dir.(Estt) & DDG(Estt) in DoT and gave them the copy of the report personally and requested them to process the case on priority. It is learnt that the file will be routed through PSU section and Finance before taking final decision.    


Pension Revision* :- 

They also requested DDG (Estt) to send the information called by DO P&PW regarding delinking of pay revision and pension revision early.  DDG(Estt) said that this issue is being discussed within DoT.



 Today We (K. Jawahar, B.R.Pathak, J.S.Yadav, K. P. Ravindrakumar,) and Sri. S.M.Sawant and Sri. Kishor Haldankar of MPWA, met  Sri.Narendra Dhaktode GM (Fin) and Sri. A.C. Kumar DGM (Pen) The delay in settlement of pensionary benefits was discussed.

We brought to his notice about the delay of more than six months in payment of  Leave encashment, delay of about three months in starting pension / payment of gratuity, commutation and delay of more than six months in PPO. 

GM (Fin) agreed to our request  to prescribe  uniform procedure to be followed by all the Areas to place  demand to Corporate office for "Funds for Leave encashment" 

GM (Fin) assured that the delay if any on MTNL side will be pulled up. He also said modifications have been done for drawal of arrears of pension for the cases of  pay anamoly settled after 01/04/2014 but retirement before 01/04/2014.

We will meet CCA in the next week regarding delay on CCA side.

Please CLICK HERE to view the letter given to GM(F).


--RTOWA Mumbai. 





Com. M K Bagchi, Com. Anupam Kaul and Com. S S Nanda,

the members of the Committee of BSNL/MTNL Pensioners' Associations

( CBMPA ) today met the top officers in Department of Pension & Pensioners’

Welfare and discussed about the issue of pension revision.


They were informed that DoT did not clarify the issues sought for earlier by

DoP & PW.  DoT should have sent a clear proposal for pension revision if

pension revision is delinked from pay revision.  But they have not sent that

kind of a proposal. 

So once again we have asked the DoT to send a concrete proposal.

Our representatives gained the impression that DoP&PW officers are very much

aware of the issue involved. Our representatives clarified certain doubts also. 

It is understood that if DoP&PW gets a proper proposal with due

justification from DoT it may be favourably considered by them and the views

of DoE also should be sought.


CBMPA will seriously pursue the matter.

--Gangadhara Rao, Convener, CBMPA.


Quarterly meeting of CGHS :

Shri. B.R. Pathak GS, and Sri. K. P. Ravindra Kumar AGS attended the meeting convened by Dy.Director CGHS at CGHS HQrs. Prathista Bhavan today.   

Apollo Hospital Belapur and Therna Hospital at Navi Mumbai are likely to be empanelled by CGHS. 

CGHS authorities agreed to write to MTNL requesting space in residential quarters of Borivali Exchange premises shortly and Inspection of premises for new wellness centre will be taken up shortly. 

CGHS authorities stated that generic medicines only will be supplied through local purchase as per agreement and it is not possible to supply branded medicines as there are many brands available in the market.

Empanelling of more number of super speciality hospitals was emphasised by Associations

--RTOWA Mumbai.




Today the office bearers of RTOWA (S/Shri. B.R.Pathak, J.S.Yadav, K.P.Ravindrakumar and P. Subramaniam) and Sri. S.M. Sawant GS MPWA met GM (Fin) and requested him to pull up the delays in paymemt of retirement benefits.   A letter was also given to him. 


 Another letter regarding settlement of difference in pensionary benefits of those retired prior to 01/04/2014 was also given.  He called for a meeting next week for detailed discussions on the points raised in these letters.



CGHIS (Contributory Group Health Insurance Scheme) Policy for Retired Employees has been issued vide MTNL CO's Circular dated 04/12/2018. This is applicable for a period two years from 01/10/2018. The following existing features continue for Hospital treatment.

 1.The Insurance cover is provided by United India Insurance Co.

 2. M/s Medsave continues to be TPA for MTNL Mumbai.

 3.The cover is Rs.1.5 lakh for pensioner and spouse on floater basis; if single the cover is for Rs.One lakh.

 4.On exhausting the above cover, additional cover of Rs. 1.5. lakhs/1 lakh is applicable under Corporate Floater. ED and Dir(HR) will approve the corporate floater.

 5.OPD Entitlement is reduced by Rs.6261 for two beneficiaries and Rs.3775 for single beneficiary....to meet 50% of Insurance Premium.




 Shri. M. K. Bagchi Convenor UF Delhi / President RTOWA Delhi, Shri. J.S.Yadav Jt.GS, RTOWA Mumbai and  Office bearers of TEAM Delhi including Shri.A.K.Kaushik GS, met following DOT officers yesterday ( 03/01/2019 ) at  Sanchar Bhawan :-

Addl.Secretary ( T ), Member ( Services ), Jt. Secretary ( Admin ), Jt. Secretary ( PSU ) and DDG ( Estt.) separately at their respective cabins.

 After exchange of New Year’s pleasantries, the issues of pension revision, pending payment of 5% ( part ) DA neutralisation and Revival of MTNL were discussed.  

 As regards pension revision, it is gathered that DOT awaits response of DOP&PW regarding the note sent on delinking Pension Revision from Pay Revision for BSNL Pensioners. DOT will take a call on this matter only thereafter. (It is learnt that the Officer concerned at DO P&PW is on leave and the file is expected to move next week). 

 As regards the issue related to 5% DA

( Part ) neutralisation, it is gathered that MTNL will have to share the part of financial liability in this respect. but MTNL is yet to furnish informations called by DOT in this regard. 

 We conveyed the anguish and agony of the pensioners in this regard to all these officers. 

 Please see below the letter written by DoT to MTNL CO regarding 5%.  

 RTOWA Mumbai and Delhi are pursuing this issue. 



IDA INCREASE 3.2%. from 01/01/2019.

The Labour Bureau of India has released All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) for Industrial workers for the month of  November 2018.  It is 302 Points.  

Based on that the IDA shall be 138.8% from January 2019. 

 An increase of 3.2% will be  from the existing 135.6%.


Expansion of CGHS :-

33 Cities added to CGHS by merging Postal dispensaries in these cities. MTNL Pensioners also are entitled to avail CGHS facilities in these cities by becoming CGHS Card holder. 

Please see the orders issued MoH below.

Page-1   Page-2  



Com. M.K. Bagchi President RTOWA Delhi and Convenor United Forum Delhi writes :-

Debate on Pension Revision in BSNL/MTNL :-

Broadly there are two school of thoughts :-

1. Pension Revision following Wage Revision

as per 3rd PRC

 2. Pension Revision should be delinked from Wage Revision as the disbursing authority for pension is different from that for wages and thereby, pension

revision will be carried out as per 7 th CPC but on IDA pay scales, date of effect being 1.1.2017.



Those who advocate pension revision as per 3rd PRC say the following :-

(1) Pension Revision as per 3rd PRC following Wage Revision will be comparatively easier to achieve.

(2) This will keep the pensioners close to the working employees as the interest of both groups so far as revision of wage/pension is concerned, will rest on one common fulcrum.

(3) It will be loss for both employees and pensioners if we invite CDA pay scales and CD Allowance in the process because CDA pay scales are normally less than IDA pay scales and CD Allowances are normally granted after interval of 6 months unlike IDA for which interval is 3 months.

(4) They are dismayed when they apprehend that if the hard-earned IDA pay scales are sacrificed, the fruits of consistent struggles to achieve IDA scales at the time of absorption will go waste.

(5) They refer the issue of MTNL pensions stating that Govt. agreed to take the responsibility /liability of MTNL pension (combined services) only when their pension is calculated on the basis of equivalent BSNL pay scales.

My comments :-

(1)     It is not difficult to comprehend that if pension revision depends on pay revision as per PRC, there is no certainty whether pension revision will at all be carried out. Pay Revision as per PRC is subjected to a number of obnoxious clauses. There are fair amount of chances that pay revision may not take place . If at all pay revision takes place, there remains the question: to what extent the pay will be revised. Thus pension revision following pay revision as per PRC is not secured and not uniform.

(2) When I say so, I don’t underestimate the strength of the unions and associations.

We must be pragmatic enough to understand that all constraints cannot be done away with fully (and always) with the fighting strength of the unions.

There are other factors involved.

(3) Due to this uncertainty, even DOT feels (subjected to be approval of nodal ministries/departments) pension revision should be delinked from pay revision.

DOT feels, pay revision is uncertain under certain situation, but pension revision cannot be resisted for long. For pay revision, MTNL/BSNL will have to pay from their earnings, but pension & pension revision is the liability of DOT/Govt.

(4) Then there is a contention that CPC for CG employees and CG pensioners who are linked to CDA pay scales and not for those who are on IDA pay scales or retired from IDA pay scales. This statement is now partially true because a number of our pensionary claims of IDA pensioners are settled on the basis of recommendations of CPC and for this, we need not sacrifice either IDA pay scales or IDA. Only the issue of pension revision is left. Had we overwhelmed ourselves with such poor convictions at the time of absorption, we could not have achieved pension from DOT and from the Governmental civil estimates. 

(5) If CPC is for CDA pensioners’ pension revision, then what is there for the pension revision of IDA pensioners ? PRC does not deal with pension revision in that sense.

So we demand: let there be CPC guidelines to apply for IDA pension like ours.

(6) Then there is a fear that if we press for CPC, then pension will be calculated on equivalent CDA pay scales. Just to bring home this fear, the example of MTNL pension is wrongly pointed out stating that MTNL pension is calculated on BSNL pay scales. The statement is, at the least, confusing. MTNL pensioners are now getting pension from DOT and that too on MTNL pay scales. MTNL pays to DOT only pension contribution.

 Beyond that MTNL does not (or, not in a position to) pay.

(7) I consciously avoid to bring MTNL matter into discussion at this stage to avoid avoidable confusions in this debate. Because DOT’s present proposal for delinking is only for BSNL Why to bring MTNL matters at this stage?  

(8) It is no body’s contention to plead for CDA pay scale & CD allowances. We should not play this as a ghost in the dark room. Ghost can be tackled appropriately when confronted in actuality.

(9) One important aspect of CGHS entitlement of BSNL/MTNL pensioners is being lost sight of. Initially the entitlement of CGHS for BSNL/MTNL pensioners were denied on the ground that they are IDA pensioners. But Govt. had to concede the fact that BSNL/MTNL pensioners draw the pension from the same civil estimates as the CDA pensioners do. Thus BSNL/MTNL pensioners are made entitled to CGHS benefits as CDA pensioners. Please note that BSNL/MTNL employees are not entitled for this, as their wages are not paid from civil estimates of Govt. of India.

The amount of one time contributions for life time CGHS benefits of BSNL/MTNL pensioners were calculated keeping their IDA pay scales into account. This may be

a good pointer in the direction of IDA pensioners to get pay revision as per CPC even though pension contributions are calculated on IDA pay scales.

(10) Then on the question of “easily achievable”, some feel that pension revision following PRC can be achieved easily. If so, why it is not possibly done so during last 2 years. Moreover, we want easy solution or permanent solution ?

My point is, why to burden ourselves by anticipating what Govt. may say or may not? Why to take the side of Govt. to plead what are the problems on Govt. side ? Let us leave those to the Govt. at this stage. Let us concentrate on what should be our DEMAND that, on achievement, will solve our problem fully and once for all. If our pension revision is a knotty issue, who is responsible for this?

We need not be apologetic or unduly defensive to put up our right DEMAND.



= M. K. BAGCHI, Convener / United Forum Delhi



A Press Conference was convened by the United Forum, Mumbai today at Telephone House, Prabhadevi. A press note was released by Shri Bhai Jagdap, the Chairman of United Forum of MTNL, Mumbai & Delhi.

Please CLICK HERE to view the Press Note.